Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekend Review Plus

Well, let's see. Where was I when we left off last time?

The skinny of it. Friday not much happened. No high school football. I am not even sure we went out to dinner on Friday. Hmm Maybe it will come to me. Saturday, I think I was starting to be sick. I stayed home the whole day. I got up long enough to make it to the couch. I watched movies all day and night. I took a small nap in there. The wife and little one went out for a little while. Little one went to see our neighbors near our previous house. They adopted her as their grandchild. Wonderful people.

Sunday night was the harvest festival at our church. It was good and I think everyone had a good time.

Monday and Tuesday I took vacation days. Monday I spent the day Geocaching. I also had time for a movie in there. Marine is an action packed movie. There was one cache that was a good hike. Just the reason I have embraced this activity. I need the excersise. If you are in the Douglasville, GA area, check out Rapids overlook.

Tuesday (today) I went with little one and her class on a field trip. We went to Uncle Bob's pumpkin patch. It was a pleasant day and the weather was very nice.

I still can't remember Friday. Oh well. Little one wants me - gotta go!

Passing Notes

Grown men passing notes in Church.

Justin passes me a note in the sound room Sunday.

It simply stated KKKK not equal to AA.

:-) that's right Justin. My Quad Kings can Crack your Aces anyday!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Orange Eggs and Green Pancakes

What’s for dinner? Yeah – That’s right! Oranges Eggs, Green Pancakes with bacon and Gatorade is what's for dinner. As you have probably already guessed, mom is away at a Team National business meeting. Little one and I have the evening to see what kind of trouble we can get into. I decided dinner is where we would make our mess. This picture is little one starting out on the right path of a mess.

The usual is putting food coloring in milk shakes. I purchased a bullet mixer a while back. The most use I have for it is a quick milk shake after dinner. I think it is awesome. Little one’s favorite milk shake is a blood red vanilla milk shake. I like mine with some M&M’s or Heath bar mixed in with it. One of these days I am going to try the whipping function of it – Chocolate Mousse mmmmm.

Here is the mess coming to life on the heat.

I didn’t have a successful geocaching trip today at lunch. I went in search for 2 near my place of labor and came up with nothing. One I was muggled. That means spotted by someone who isn’t a geocacher and he wanted to know what I was doing. I dodge that one with some GPS speech and he was off to other things. I left that one and search another with no luck. I will go back and try again soon.

I just thought I would leave you a picture of tonight’s dinner.

Since mom took my poker night, I will have to find another night to indulge on the felt.

See you later!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

Just when I thought I was ready to change from Geocaching to Waymarking a trip to woodbury and warm springs changes my mind. Wife, little one and I left this morning about 11:30 am to go geocaching. I know I told you before that we were going to go look for a new vehicle. The wife wasn't in the mood. So, I suggested geocaching and see excepted. I quickly got online and downloaded about 7 places around Warm Springs, GA. This is a special place. A small town with lots of tourist. We head out and it's about a 45 minute drive to the area of the first hide. It's an awesome location. It is the oldest covered bridge in Georgia. The builder "King" was well known for building covered bridges here in the south. It was truely a unique place. I am glad I got to see it with the family. I have a picture look! Here is the weblink: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=10addb30-6006-434a-861c-cf77c911f734

So, the next stop on our tour took us to a really neat place off the beaten path. It reminded me of the north Georgia mountains. However, it is located in middle Georgia. We traveled shortly down the dirt road and pulled over and I was the only one to get out. The site was some sort of major communications location. There were satelite recivers as large as my house! I found the small cache, signed the log and moved on. By now, we are all getting tired and hungry. Little one was the only one that ate before we left the house. We headed to downtown - whatever town we were near. By this time, even I wasn't sure. But we ask the GPS to take us to a chicken eatery and off we went in that direction. Well, the small town we landed in I really didnt find anything I would like to eat at. However, I was very near another cache. Little one had dozed off to sleep. Mom was hungry. I talked her into letting me look for one more. As we pulled into the location, we noticed a playground right next to the cache. Little one awoke when I opened the car door and her and mom went to the playgrouond. This one was a micro cache near a fairly busy park. Those are the most difficult. I looked for a while. Luckily, I had brought my laptop with me and I open it up and located the saved page of the cache. I took a hint and went right to it. Signed the log and returned it. I then watched little one play for a few minutes and then we were off again.

This time we drove the 5 miles to downtown Warm Springs. We found a pizza and sub resturant that looked good and we went in. I ordered an italian sausage sub, little one ordered a pizza and my wife had the hot ham and cheese. We both got Onion Rings with our orders. The food was excellent.

After our meal, we did the touristy thing and toured some of the downtown shops. We even ran across a bear.

My wife had a candle party to attend at 4:00pm so we headed back towards Sharpsburg. I stopped on the way back at Greenville, GA. The Greenville court house is awesome. It was built in 1904. It's a mamouth of a building. On top of the court house is a clock. So, I waymarked it for town clocks on waymarking.com. This is the current location of the waymark. It may change when it is approved by the site. http://www.waymarking.com/wm/details.aspx?f=1&guid=b8812444-9b63-4713-a954-8e47126ec637&r=100&tp=6

The party is over and we are all back home. I hope you have enjoyed my daily update.
See you soon. *Edit: posted Sunday due to Blogger issues**

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wrap Up

The Northwest Whitfield Bruins tied the JV football game with arch rival Dalton Catamounts late on a scoring drive capped off by a touchdown run by Skylar Brown. The rain was heavy during the game and it was a mud fight all the way. Congrats nephew for the touchdown run.

This week has been uneventful and fun all in the same time frame. Monday little one and I played clue before mom got home from work. Monday night football was the call of the wild later that evening. On Tuesday, a pouty faced child asked for her daddy to stay home and not go play poker. Her wish granted, she climbed up in my lap and we watch some sort of animal kingdom show. Precious moments. With a late night Monday, I was off to bed early on Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon is met with little one coming home from school and being “on red”. Daddy wasn’t a happy camper. No games – she went straight to her room. Mom had cooked in the crock pot. We ate a good chicken dinner. Thursday, my in-laws came to visit. Mom cooked a good pot of Chili. After diner, we all sat in the living and let little one Karaoke to us. She done a fine job and mom joined in on one of the songs. After visiting for a while it was time for them to leave. As I retired to bed, that’s when I got the phone call about my nephews triumphant gallop into the end zone. Before they all arrived my daughter managed to beat me in both Clue and Texas Hold’em. Out of the blue on maybe the 3rd guess of the game, she picked 2 items that neither she nor I had. The very next guess she named all three items that were hidden away. We then settle into a poker game. We split the chips and I started dealing. We play several hands and mom comes home. She is getting the Chili ready for dinner. Little one and I continue to play. She is playing fairly well. She takes a very unfortunate beat well. She flops 2 pair only to be caught on the turn by my flush. She conferred with mom that she indeed lost and then gives up the hand. Soon after, I announced that I am all in ever hand until we have a winner. She folds about 7 hands until she picks up King Ten. She beats me and we clean up for company and dinner.

My wife has been disappointed with the van we purchased her about 6 months ago. It’s a ford and what I think is the power steering is making a winding sound. So, I am trying to get her to go test drive other cars. This is the time to do it. Deals are everywhere. Unfortunately, the deals are mostly on “can’t sell” American cars. She has allowed a Nissan Maxima to catch her eye. I think we are going to test drive one this weekend. I am a Carmax customer. I just about refuse to purchase a brand new car. I don’t trust a single dealership to sell me a used car. I like Carmax for their quality guarantee. Even though we purchased this van from Carmax, I don’t think it is really a quality problem. I think it is a Ford issue. I have heard several other fords making the same noise. This weekend maybe I can make my wife happy again.

On Tuesday, my daughter brings home an excellent 1st report card. Every category was marked accomplished except one. The one lone stand out that my 5 year old has yet to accomplish is reading her site words at 30 per minute. That’s one every two seconds. I can live with that –for now. I told her this morning before I left for work to think of something to do in celebration of her good report card. I am sure the first stop will be CeCe’s pizza.

We will see.

Monday, October 16, 2006

So Sue Me

I haven’t posted in a week. I have been busy okay. I will try and run it down chronological for you. I knew I had a few things pre-planned for Saturday. Therefore, I didn’t plan any Waymarking or Geocaching. I hope to get a good session in soon. I am still planning on hiding a cache. I have that still to plan.

Monday – I don’t remember – too long ago. Tuesday, I got to go outside and play. Well, at least I got to go out Tuesday night and play poker. I am not into it heavily lately. I have played some online here and there. I have only been out maybe twice in the past 2 months to play live. Tuesday night was not much different. I saw the same no life people hanging around living their life around the poker table. I find myself looking at people and wondering about their lives outside of the couple hours that I watch them across the felt. I am truly amazed at the level of conversation that surrounds these people. There is one in particular female that is a regular. As best I can tell, her “real” job is somewhat of a probationary officer. So, I am sitting there waiting for the tournament to start and a dead beat guy and a nice looking but liberal girl walks by. The girl heads for the tables outside. The guy stops and says hi to said probationary officer. Then, standing about 8 feet from his conversational piece, he asked her what the status of his girlfriends bond was. Fair enough, but the 5 ~ 10 minute conversation that ensues is somewhat interesting. I get to listen to the details of the case. Anyway, he has lingered long enough she reenters and pulls him from the conversation. I still wonder if he told her what he was talking about. It came across to me as if he really didn’t care for his current girlfriend. If that wasn’t enough, after he left, the probationary officer for the next 10 minutes tells her guy friend sitting next to her that she has known the guy forever and goes on to tell him about all the crap the boy and his family has been involved with for the past 10 years. Yes – interesting stuff.

In these quick blind tournaments, you have to gain a chip stack early to survive the onslaught of increases. About an hour into the tournament I usually have to make a move or be blinded to death. I am in the same pickle this week. I play tight aggressive poker. The first 10 hands or so, I see pocket paint maybe 5 times. I raise only to see the flop totally miss me and another player play strong at it. That kind of stuff cripples my stack early. About 45 minutes into it, I find myself all in with middle pair. I have Q J and the board holds Ace, Queen, four. I have 4 callers (whatever) and no one has an ace nor improves. My stack becomes healthier. However, the bottom hits. I don’t see anything over a 9 for the next 30 minutes. With me sitting with about 8 X BB, I get JJ under the gun. I am perplexed. I know I should push but UTG? I want a little more information. I call. After 4 other callers, the big blind raises to 400. If I call, that leaves me very little. If I push, it is a no brainer for the BB. I push. The only caller is the BB and she turns over A 9 off suit. (Whatever) She spikes an ace on the flop and I go home.

The rest of the week is busy for the family. I didn’t take many notes so I can’t remember much about it. Friday night I had a date. When you are in your mid thirties married with a child, dates are seldom to never. My wife had a business meeting with a coworker and little one and I made a date night out of it. Oh Yeah, mid thirties with child also limits the number of people you can date. My date was a bright and cheerful 5 year old. Mom’s meeting wasn’t until 7PM so we all went out to eat at the box car cafĂ©. Little one and I dropped mom off at home and headed out. Our first stop was the bowling alley. Wow, what a racket they have going on these day. It was $24 for little one and me to bowl 2 games. Sure am glad I am not a teenage boy making minimum wage trying to impress a female with those prices hanging over my head. My game was so off. Little one was having a good time. No matter what her ball did, I would smile cheer and give her a high five. I could keep that smile on her face only long enough for her to ask who was winning. With my answer would come the “oh shucks” look. But, she went on in stride. She ended up breaking 50 each game and a high second game score of 76.

After our bowling excursion, little one and I head out for the dollar story. It’s shopping banaza! As long as she thinks her dad is the greatest for buying her a $1.00 doll and a $1.00 doll outfit, I will continue to shower her with gifts. My brakes are finely tuned to the hearing of “Daddy, I need to buy an Abercrombie & Fitch sweater”. That’s when my years of rehearsal of the “get a job” speech will be unveiled in its entirety. We cruise through the stores of BJ’s and Best Buy before heading home. About a week ago, I pulled all my speakers from my passport. I have got the two rear smaller speakers installed. I am having fit problems with the front two.

Saturday morning mom has a church meeting and little one and I get to sleep late. If you call 8:00am with little one jumping on the bed and my head yelling “come on daddy I want to play a game”. I muster up “what game you want to play?” I am hoping for a game that will allow me to go back to sleep. I hear “Clue”. My 5 year old is obsessed with the board game Clue. I think it is awesome. I tend to play dumb and help her through the game. I help her mark what she has, I help her ask the questions and I ask questions I know will giver her more information. I get her on a tangent of a Disney channel cartoon and stay in bed for another 30 minutes.

When mom arrives home a little later we all finish getting ready for little ones elementary school fall festival. Mom and I have signed up to manage the class booth from 11:00am to 11:30am. First off let me give a yell out to all the low life parents for not signing up to help out. Come on guys, you laid down and decided to have children, now get off your backsides and get involved in their lives. Out of a kindergarten class of 27 students, only 4 parents signed up for a 30 minute booth watch. The festival lasted 4 hours. That’s real honorable of you.

The booth was a simple one of stacking cookies. Each person had to use only 1 hand and had 10 second to stack as many cookies as they could without the stack falling over. 0~7 they got a prize from the toy box and over 7 they got a piece of candy. Most children were in the range of 7~9. As I watched these kids, my mind drifted off to chip stacking. I watch for a while and surmised my tactics. Using my superior industrial engineering skills, I recognized the wasted movement. The standard process for all the children was to pick up one cookie and place it into position and then to retrieve another cookie to stack. Knowing that movement waste, displayed my talents to my wife and child once the other children had moved on. I was able to stack 13 cookies on my first try. As far as I know, I left as the champ.

After our booth time, we spent the next 2 hours walking around the festival. There were many games for the children to play. Inside the cafeteria was an interesting basket auction. Being my first year, I was not ready for this. They had some basket of goodies worth over a $1,000 going for much less. Not all were that extravagant. They had college themed baskets. They had golf themed baskets. They had movie night themed baskets. You name it, they had it. I will bring lots of money next year.

Saturday afternoon little one had a tea party to attend. She dressed up in her ballerina costume. I stayed home to sit that one out. The girls were gone for a few hours and that left me a little time to watch some football. I couldn’t watch the Georgia Bulldawg game. To lose to Vanderbilt is like loosing to a high school team. That’s all I can say. Momma taught me if I didn’t have anything nice to say – don’t say much.

Upon their return, it was again time to eat. Little one loves Ce Ce’s pizza. Mom hates it. We settle on going to Pizza Hut. We ordered the family feast and stuffed ourselves. We had pizza for lunch on Sunday and I will probably have enough for lunch twice this week.

Monday, October 09, 2006

1st waymarking trip report

Saturday was one of those days that seemed like the perfect day. The cool crisp morning air tingled on the skin as I walked outside to retrieve the morning paper. The air was fresh and full of the morning dew. The sun slightly up was beaming low in a cloudless sky. My wife and child had gotten up a little while before me and cooked breakfast. I had a trip planned for my 1st waymarking trip. Mom had a lunch date with a college roommate. Little one was going to spend the day with her Granna.

We all bathed and got ready for our day. My wife had cooked Sausage muffins and we were going to take them to Granna’s and eat breakfast over there. Since she lived in Fayetteville, I had planned my trip for Fayetteville and Peachtree City. Granna had her mom and dad staying the weekend with her from Aniston, Alabama. We all sat down and had a good breakfast. Soon we would be on our way.

Leaving little one with Granna, my wife and I headed for some points I had planned on stopping and waymarking. My wife was not too sure of the new hobby I had been excited about. However, she tagged along like a good trouper. The first stop was a fountain not far from her mom’s house. This one was easy. We quickly got a good picture and a grab of the coordinates. The second grab was easy to get to. However, I encountered my first problem with waymarking. Simple enough, it was the sun. I am not anywhere near a perfectionist nor am I a professional photographer. However, I am a little particular with my photographs. The background, the content and the lighting should be good. The spot of the second stop had two points of interest. One of the items at the first stop was a U-pick yourself strawberry patch. Easy. The other item of interest was a water tower. My position to the water tower and that of the rising sun was not idea to picture taking. I took some pictures and hoped they would work out. (Later at computer – pictures really stunk. I will have to return to complete that one.) We were soon onward to the next stop.

We found a parking spot in the Dunkin Donut parking lot. Later I would learn that this parking spot would eventually cost me 5 bucks. We parked and headed towards the town court house. Fayetteville, GA is a gem. I have lived in the area for about 14 years. The more years I put on my birthday cake the more I gain an appreciation for those things historic. Hence - my new found hobby of waymarking. I should be able to turn this hobby into a learning experience. I married a young chick and her appreciation for those things historic has not yet settled into her young mind. (Ha-ha). So, for now, she is following but not yet bought into the whole idea of making this a routine thing.

We arrive at the court house. We take some pictures and log the coordinates. The Court house and clock tower are amazing. Clock tower built in 1888, clock added 1908, elevator installed in 1998. Play on the eights don’t you think?

We walk along downtown and the next stop is a Coca-Cola Mural. Mark it and move to the First Baptist Church of Fayetteville, Mark it and move to the city fountain. Mark it and move to the city Mural. With a total of 8 marks and a time crunch to return my wife for her lunch date, we headed home. Oh yeah, two coffee’s and 5 dollars later we head home. No time for the Peachtree City marks. Maybe I can catch those in the next trip.

With the house all to myself, I turned the CD player on to Alan Jackson’s gospel album and I sat for my data entry of the waypoints. A couple of hours of loading and writing and I had 5 of 8 waypoints documented. I choose not to enter the water tower due to poor photographer skills ( J ). I was tired; my wife was not yet home so I took a nap. She later awoke me and told me it was time to go pick up little one from granna’s. We ended up picking all of them up and going out to eat at Golden Corral. I was a stuffed pig.

Sunday was Church and an afternoon nap. I documented the remaining 2 valid waypoints from Saturday before my nap. Sunday night we enjoyed cake and ice cream after the evening service. However, we had to say goodbye to a very active couple in the church. Their lives are headed elsewhere in the world. They will be moving closer to children and grandchildren in Kansas City. I think the idea of being closer to grandchildren was a major point. The point is well understood.

If you see me wondering the streets, just throw up a hand and wave with a smile on your face knowing I am enjoying being outside.