Monday, October 09, 2006

1st waymarking trip report

Saturday was one of those days that seemed like the perfect day. The cool crisp morning air tingled on the skin as I walked outside to retrieve the morning paper. The air was fresh and full of the morning dew. The sun slightly up was beaming low in a cloudless sky. My wife and child had gotten up a little while before me and cooked breakfast. I had a trip planned for my 1st waymarking trip. Mom had a lunch date with a college roommate. Little one was going to spend the day with her Granna.

We all bathed and got ready for our day. My wife had cooked Sausage muffins and we were going to take them to Granna’s and eat breakfast over there. Since she lived in Fayetteville, I had planned my trip for Fayetteville and Peachtree City. Granna had her mom and dad staying the weekend with her from Aniston, Alabama. We all sat down and had a good breakfast. Soon we would be on our way.

Leaving little one with Granna, my wife and I headed for some points I had planned on stopping and waymarking. My wife was not too sure of the new hobby I had been excited about. However, she tagged along like a good trouper. The first stop was a fountain not far from her mom’s house. This one was easy. We quickly got a good picture and a grab of the coordinates. The second grab was easy to get to. However, I encountered my first problem with waymarking. Simple enough, it was the sun. I am not anywhere near a perfectionist nor am I a professional photographer. However, I am a little particular with my photographs. The background, the content and the lighting should be good. The spot of the second stop had two points of interest. One of the items at the first stop was a U-pick yourself strawberry patch. Easy. The other item of interest was a water tower. My position to the water tower and that of the rising sun was not idea to picture taking. I took some pictures and hoped they would work out. (Later at computer – pictures really stunk. I will have to return to complete that one.) We were soon onward to the next stop.

We found a parking spot in the Dunkin Donut parking lot. Later I would learn that this parking spot would eventually cost me 5 bucks. We parked and headed towards the town court house. Fayetteville, GA is a gem. I have lived in the area for about 14 years. The more years I put on my birthday cake the more I gain an appreciation for those things historic. Hence - my new found hobby of waymarking. I should be able to turn this hobby into a learning experience. I married a young chick and her appreciation for those things historic has not yet settled into her young mind. (Ha-ha). So, for now, she is following but not yet bought into the whole idea of making this a routine thing.

We arrive at the court house. We take some pictures and log the coordinates. The Court house and clock tower are amazing. Clock tower built in 1888, clock added 1908, elevator installed in 1998. Play on the eights don’t you think?

We walk along downtown and the next stop is a Coca-Cola Mural. Mark it and move to the First Baptist Church of Fayetteville, Mark it and move to the city fountain. Mark it and move to the city Mural. With a total of 8 marks and a time crunch to return my wife for her lunch date, we headed home. Oh yeah, two coffee’s and 5 dollars later we head home. No time for the Peachtree City marks. Maybe I can catch those in the next trip.

With the house all to myself, I turned the CD player on to Alan Jackson’s gospel album and I sat for my data entry of the waypoints. A couple of hours of loading and writing and I had 5 of 8 waypoints documented. I choose not to enter the water tower due to poor photographer skills ( J ). I was tired; my wife was not yet home so I took a nap. She later awoke me and told me it was time to go pick up little one from granna’s. We ended up picking all of them up and going out to eat at Golden Corral. I was a stuffed pig.

Sunday was Church and an afternoon nap. I documented the remaining 2 valid waypoints from Saturday before my nap. Sunday night we enjoyed cake and ice cream after the evening service. However, we had to say goodbye to a very active couple in the church. Their lives are headed elsewhere in the world. They will be moving closer to children and grandchildren in Kansas City. I think the idea of being closer to grandchildren was a major point. The point is well understood.

If you see me wondering the streets, just throw up a hand and wave with a smile on your face knowing I am enjoying being outside.

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