Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Night Fever

Just when I thought I was ready to change from Geocaching to Waymarking a trip to woodbury and warm springs changes my mind. Wife, little one and I left this morning about 11:30 am to go geocaching. I know I told you before that we were going to go look for a new vehicle. The wife wasn't in the mood. So, I suggested geocaching and see excepted. I quickly got online and downloaded about 7 places around Warm Springs, GA. This is a special place. A small town with lots of tourist. We head out and it's about a 45 minute drive to the area of the first hide. It's an awesome location. It is the oldest covered bridge in Georgia. The builder "King" was well known for building covered bridges here in the south. It was truely a unique place. I am glad I got to see it with the family. I have a picture look! Here is the weblink:

So, the next stop on our tour took us to a really neat place off the beaten path. It reminded me of the north Georgia mountains. However, it is located in middle Georgia. We traveled shortly down the dirt road and pulled over and I was the only one to get out. The site was some sort of major communications location. There were satelite recivers as large as my house! I found the small cache, signed the log and moved on. By now, we are all getting tired and hungry. Little one was the only one that ate before we left the house. We headed to downtown - whatever town we were near. By this time, even I wasn't sure. But we ask the GPS to take us to a chicken eatery and off we went in that direction. Well, the small town we landed in I really didnt find anything I would like to eat at. However, I was very near another cache. Little one had dozed off to sleep. Mom was hungry. I talked her into letting me look for one more. As we pulled into the location, we noticed a playground right next to the cache. Little one awoke when I opened the car door and her and mom went to the playgrouond. This one was a micro cache near a fairly busy park. Those are the most difficult. I looked for a while. Luckily, I had brought my laptop with me and I open it up and located the saved page of the cache. I took a hint and went right to it. Signed the log and returned it. I then watched little one play for a few minutes and then we were off again.

This time we drove the 5 miles to downtown Warm Springs. We found a pizza and sub resturant that looked good and we went in. I ordered an italian sausage sub, little one ordered a pizza and my wife had the hot ham and cheese. We both got Onion Rings with our orders. The food was excellent.

After our meal, we did the touristy thing and toured some of the downtown shops. We even ran across a bear.

My wife had a candle party to attend at 4:00pm so we headed back towards Sharpsburg. I stopped on the way back at Greenville, GA. The Greenville court house is awesome. It was built in 1904. It's a mamouth of a building. On top of the court house is a clock. So, I waymarked it for town clocks on This is the current location of the waymark. It may change when it is approved by the site.

The party is over and we are all back home. I hope you have enjoyed my daily update.
See you soon. *Edit: posted Sunday due to Blogger issues**

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Thanks for getting my back on the football issue. I'm still not a Peyton Manning fan, but I'm lovin' Willie Parker!