Friday, October 20, 2006

Wrap Up

The Northwest Whitfield Bruins tied the JV football game with arch rival Dalton Catamounts late on a scoring drive capped off by a touchdown run by Skylar Brown. The rain was heavy during the game and it was a mud fight all the way. Congrats nephew for the touchdown run.

This week has been uneventful and fun all in the same time frame. Monday little one and I played clue before mom got home from work. Monday night football was the call of the wild later that evening. On Tuesday, a pouty faced child asked for her daddy to stay home and not go play poker. Her wish granted, she climbed up in my lap and we watch some sort of animal kingdom show. Precious moments. With a late night Monday, I was off to bed early on Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon is met with little one coming home from school and being “on red”. Daddy wasn’t a happy camper. No games – she went straight to her room. Mom had cooked in the crock pot. We ate a good chicken dinner. Thursday, my in-laws came to visit. Mom cooked a good pot of Chili. After diner, we all sat in the living and let little one Karaoke to us. She done a fine job and mom joined in on one of the songs. After visiting for a while it was time for them to leave. As I retired to bed, that’s when I got the phone call about my nephews triumphant gallop into the end zone. Before they all arrived my daughter managed to beat me in both Clue and Texas Hold’em. Out of the blue on maybe the 3rd guess of the game, she picked 2 items that neither she nor I had. The very next guess she named all three items that were hidden away. We then settle into a poker game. We split the chips and I started dealing. We play several hands and mom comes home. She is getting the Chili ready for dinner. Little one and I continue to play. She is playing fairly well. She takes a very unfortunate beat well. She flops 2 pair only to be caught on the turn by my flush. She conferred with mom that she indeed lost and then gives up the hand. Soon after, I announced that I am all in ever hand until we have a winner. She folds about 7 hands until she picks up King Ten. She beats me and we clean up for company and dinner.

My wife has been disappointed with the van we purchased her about 6 months ago. It’s a ford and what I think is the power steering is making a winding sound. So, I am trying to get her to go test drive other cars. This is the time to do it. Deals are everywhere. Unfortunately, the deals are mostly on “can’t sell” American cars. She has allowed a Nissan Maxima to catch her eye. I think we are going to test drive one this weekend. I am a Carmax customer. I just about refuse to purchase a brand new car. I don’t trust a single dealership to sell me a used car. I like Carmax for their quality guarantee. Even though we purchased this van from Carmax, I don’t think it is really a quality problem. I think it is a Ford issue. I have heard several other fords making the same noise. This weekend maybe I can make my wife happy again.

On Tuesday, my daughter brings home an excellent 1st report card. Every category was marked accomplished except one. The one lone stand out that my 5 year old has yet to accomplish is reading her site words at 30 per minute. That’s one every two seconds. I can live with that –for now. I told her this morning before I left for work to think of something to do in celebration of her good report card. I am sure the first stop will be CeCe’s pizza.

We will see.

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