Friday, November 10, 2006

Case Closed

My last vacation day is come due.
I have to take it before December 1st.
Thanksgiving week is out - everyone else beat me to it.
I am taking it November 17th.
I will be heading out like a fireball on November 16th to Tunica, Mississippi.
That's right. I am going to do a little trip. A solo trip.
Me, myself and I.
I will cruise the Casino's. I will cruise the Geocaches.
I will see what waymarks lay out there to discover or visit.
If you are in the area and want to try your luck across the felt from the famous Rakethetable, then move your sorry excuse for flesh over to the Gold Strike and see if you have what it takes. I am sure I will be there as the night falls on the 16th and most of the afternoon and evening of the 17th. Do you feel lucky punk?

Well, DO YOU? ( LOL )

I will catch you next time.

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