Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday wrap-up

Thanksgiving holiday was a good one. I ate a lot of food and had some good time Geocaching. Thursday was spent with my wife’s family at her parent’s house. We had about 20 people there. Little one got to play with several cousins she gets to see here and there around most holidays. We had a large spread of food. Afterwards there was a kick ball game in the back yard for the kids. My father in law and his son spent most of the weekend cutting trees.

Thursday afternoon was all mine. The ladies and kids went to see a new house of one of my wife’s cousins. I took advantage of it and went Geocaching around the Fayetteville area. It was a very nice day. It was a pleasant temperature outside and the sun was shinning. I think I found 5 in about an hour and a half. One was a nice walk around a lake in a subdivision.

Friday – Shopping. I know I said I wasn’t going to do it. However, I felt like time with the wife was the best thing. Little one had spent the night with Granna. We tore out at about 7 am and hit Wal-Mart first. The Peachtree City Wal-Mart was pleasantly noncrowded. We shopped there for a while. We visited an aunt-in-law’s shop. We even went to the Avenue. My wife wanted to visit Kirklands. She did and she bought a few things (can’t say for who!!!). I talked her into doing some Geocaching with me along the way back to Fayetteville to pick up little one. She amused me and we got a few on the way.

We stayed a while at the in-laws and ate some of the leftovers. Little one really didn’t want to leave. Her cousin from Anniston, Alabama was there and they had a blast playing around the house. He is 6 or 7 and not much of a rough wrestling type like some of her other male cousins. We ended up heading home and getting a few things done around the house.

Saturday little one and mom headed out for more shopping. I spent the day – you guessed it – geocaching. Saturday proved to be a little more difficult than Thursday and Friday had been. Sometimes you run into those kind of days. Since I was using Google earth and the route function, I was doing a more “urban” cache run. Those can be hit and miss types of caches. As I discovered on Saturday, most of mine were misses. I found the first one just fine. The second was near a soccer complex in the woods. I got cut, scrapped stabbed and anything else that you can think of looking for that one. I didn’t find it. However, I did see a very large hawk. I think he was laughing at me. So, I left disappointed. It didn’t end there. Next was a micro cache in the bushes of a parking lot. Well, there was a family hanging out right there in the spot. They were not geocachers and wouldn’t leave. So, I left that one disappointed also. Next up was a cache in the rear of the Wal-Mart complex. Well, guess what. They had a shipping container sitting near the cache. I thought it best I pass that one by as not to make anyone think I was a thief. Next up was one near target. The same thing – I guess the holiday rush has extra stock everywhere. I gave up and went window shopping at BJ’s and Dicks sporting goods. It was my first time in Dicks sporting goods. I was not impressed. It looked more like a yuppie clothing store than a sports store. I guess I am an old timer when it comes to my bait and tackle stores. I didn’t look close but I could tell everything was overpriced to pay for the motif of the store. I left and went home to take a nap. Good thing there was a James Bond marathon. Nice TV for the rest of the weekend.

Have fun and see you around.

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