Sunday, November 19, 2006


Mississippi boys 1
Georgia Boys 0

The trip is over and it was not successful. A lot of locals and not enough time to make a dent in the game. I did place 12th in a re-buy tournament at the Gold Strike. It paid out to 10 places. I was not too bummed because I could look back at a few choices I would have changed. The overall rating was “card dead”. In a three hour session when we first arrived, I won 2 hands. I won the first hand about 2.5 hours in with a pair of 4’s. Yeah- that was a large pot!! (NOT) The second hand I won with middle pair on a 10 high board a few minutes later when I pushed after the flop. A few minutes later Justin told me he had dropped his buy in and was ready. I was still down but up from my low so I said I was ready also.

We did hit two Geocaches while out there. They were good ones. One was soaked and the other was in a very nice place in the woods. I came home to find this article linked in a weekly email from It helps support my idea that GPS units are a big hit and will continue to sell. Buy your stock now.
It’s late – I am tired. Later.

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