Sunday, November 12, 2006

Solo to Duo

Watch out west Mississippi. The solo trip has turned into a duo trip. The many pot slaying (but Aces cracked by Rake’s QUAD KINGS) Justin is now loaded and on board for the trip. As planned, we will be arriving late to the Gold Strike Casino on Thursday. Batten down the hatches it will be an all out assault across the felt. I feel good about the trip. With Justin traveling along, I feel more confident that play on the felt will be increased to a better skill game. I will be working on my reading skills while there. I will play tight aggressive and look for those small fish swimming around in the big School Yard.

If I have any readers out that way, I hoe you will stop by and say hello. You may even sit and play a while. Who knows, we may even leave a little behind. I will tell you though. Justin is coming off a live tournament win down on the Gulf. So, his expectations are high and his confidence is even higher.

Where will this tyrant end on the mighty Mississippi River? Only the future holds that.

When you look up and see the mighty hand of the Hammer fall upon you, then you will realize that the Georgia Scorchers have landed at your table.

See you soon Mississippi.

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