Monday, December 18, 2006

Last day of weekend

I am very proud of my girls. Both did a very good job in their choir specials Sunday. Mom and her solo went very well. She was awesome. Little One was also wonderful in her own. Like most children’s choir specials, chaos was the norm. The youngest boys were pushing each other, playing with their ties, wrapping the microphone cords around their ankles. All this going on around Little One and she kept her composure, she said her parts correctly and on time. Mom had instilled in her to be a “lady” and be aware of her dress and what she didn’t want to show the audience. I thought the lesson was comical before the show. However, after watching other little girls sit like male baseball players, lift their dress up to look (apparently at what their parents were pointing at) but missing the point that the parents were pointing to get them to sit correctly. I then understood the lesson my wife had planned in advance.

Sunday on the Geocaching front was interesting. Wading through a stream under an interstate in December was very interesting. Luckily, Georgia is having wonderful winter weather in the 70’s. I found the cache, signed the log book, traded an item and was back home just in time to enjoy Sunday lunch with my family. A good quick trip to satisfy that Gotta get it urge. The cache was a new one placed only the day before. I was the second to find. Someone got up early and beat me to it. Seems it gave a few others fits as well. One Geocacher lost his $400 Garmin along the way. (maybe he will buy another one and help push the stock higher!!) Another took his kids along and didn’t find. I really wish I was retired so I could do this stuff 24/7.

Article on Geocaching: Poconos

Poker night is Tuesday at the Ruby Tuesday’s in Newnan. Show up if you’re not too scared.


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Aaron said...

Wow, Little One is going to be bringing home boys before too long. You'll have to clean the shotgun on the coffee table or something. ;)

Loosing a GPS ain't anything to kid about. I bumped into someone who left his on the back of his car, drove off, and it promptly got run over by another car. That sucks!

(Oh, and I expect a kick-back when I purchase my Garmin 60CSx next year!)