Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looking Back

As I sit here pondering the moments, minutes and hours of the previous week, I am reminded of the yearly routine of it all and wonder (again) why we do it all. The gifts are nice, the smiling faces of the children are heart warming and the moments of joy seeing people that you may not see again until next year are needed. Can I learn anything from this year’s activities? I am bound by the schedule of it all. The trip north and the trip west are not set by me. They are a large part of the joy. I think it is the weeks’ previous build up only to come to a crashing thud in 1 day. One 24 hour period of time. From noon Christmas Eve to lunch Christmas day is the ultimate joy and the ensuing crash of its completeness.

How can we stress less in the preceding weeks and coast off the high as it winds down?


Changes are afoot at the workplace. Promotions and lateral moves are happening with the new year. I avoided the shuffle. However, I didn’t avoid getting a new boss’s boss. It will be a change from the previous administration. I new look - a new voyage. The last trip was wild and turbulent. I smile as I watch the setting of the sun on that experience. I grew during it. I traveled places I would have rather not gone. However, I emerge the other side and see a new sun rising on the horizon. I choose to see clear skies, a warming sun and a calm tide. That is how I choose to wake up this new year. I will watch and listen to the winds and surf for shifting of the calmness that January brings. We shall see. We shall indeed see.


Poker. It hasn’t bee much lately. A chance to play here and there. I don’t get online much anymore to play. I all but gave it up a long while back on a bad beat. While mathematically possible, not without raising an eyebrow. I am losing touch with the poker blogger community. I read a few blogs and post/reply on fewer. My afternoons are now filled with the joys of my daughter where they once were filled with turn hoorays and river rats. I am pleased with the change. The post change seldom gives me a headache or instant gut checking agony. If I am online now, I am watching the high limit players win and lose the value of my house in less than an hour’s time. Or, I am playing around to past time. I don’t see things changing much this year. Not on the poker front. I am focused on family this year. The poker is a hobby. A hobby that must not consume me or control me.

I have a high passion level for hobbies. I can get all consuming in what I want to do. I understand that. My wife can live with me getting exciting about heading out early Saturday morning to be the first to find the latest Geocache. She doesn’t take to kindly to all niters behind the poker screen only to drag along behind her on our Saturday & Sunday errands. I recall this past year and the general decline in my health from the lack of body movement online poker capsulated me into. I am feeling better and enjoying the outdoor activities of Geocaching and Waymarking. Yippee – a hobby that is good for your health. A winner winner in my book.


Now, the sun is setting on this one day and I have Geocaching to do. Little one is out of school and with mommy today/tonight. I have a few hours of fun – I mean exercise.

If you see me standing near a bush/tree/light post all bent out of shape acting like I lost my glass slipper, just wave and say “good luck!”

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