Sunday, December 10, 2006

Meeting New Geocaching Friends

Saturday morning little one and I left home around 7:30AM. I first traveled to Fayetteville to drop little one off at Grumps and Grana’s house. Little one didn’t want to go Geocaching. So, she gave her sweet charm to Grumps and he said he would keep her. Mom was going to a meeting early at the church and then was headed to Fayetteville to pick her mom up for a full day of shopping. She said she would probably be finished around dinnertime. That gave me a full day of Geocaching.

After leaving Little One and giving her a goodbye kiss, I headed 40 miles north to the December breakfast meeting of GGA. (Georgia Geocachers Association). It was my first official event. My first unofficial event was a week earlier. The northside gang met at Golden Corral in Marietta. I am not sure of the final count but I would guess in the neighborhood of 75 people. All great folks.
While I was there, I was fortunately to meet some really nice people. The great thing was that some were fellow Southern Tech alum and students and their friends.

Aaron, Angela, Clare and Tyler were gracious enough to allow me to tag along and enjoy the whole day Geocaching with them. They were set to do just about the same run I had downloaded to my GPS. I didn’t know that – it just worked out that way. With Aaron driving and human GPS Tyler leading us, I was a learning machine. These guys are good. Clare with her electronic gadgetry, Scottish humor (and accent) was a treat to meet and be around. Clare, as I understood it, has only been in the states about 3 months. She picked a great set of people to befriend. Bamadaisy rode shotgun and was the resident navigator. She kept us in sidesplitting stitches all day.

We had a few other cachers with us at start up but they didn’t last long. I think the two that dropped out early had visited most of the caches that were on the list for the day. Being I was 40 miles from home, none were on my already done list. They were on my TO DO list. Thanks guys for letting me be your special guest – I truly enjoyed your company, your jokes, your knowledge of the game and you Aaron for driving. They definately taught me a few more hiding places. I will have to backtrack and look for those that have stumpped me in the past.

Bamadaisy and Clare using a stealthy sit-n-search method.
No luck - this is the only DNF of the day!

I believe the final total of caches found including the event itself was 32. The gang had a good laugh at my expense. Seems they doubled my total finds in one day. When I started out Saturday I had a total of 25 finds to my credit. Now, I think I am sitting at 59. Now that’s Geocaching! I was tired. Being that the gang was slightly younger than me, I was the old man of the group and at the end of the day I was really feeling like an old man.

I mentioned before about the human GPS. Tyler who lives in the Marietta area had already found probably 25 of the caches we done. Sorry dude – thanks for taking one for the group. Maybe someday I can be the driver and invite the motley crew to the Southside for a run on this side of town.
Well, it’s late Sunday night and time for bed. Work calls mighty early in the morning.


Aaron said...

Old man?

You sure complain a lot for someone that had a good time. :D

BamaDaisy5 said...

It was a pleasure caching with you yesterday. Thanks for contributing to a really fun day! We'll have to take you up on that offer for a southside cache run.

Clare said...

I very much doubt you are that much older than me!

I'm glad you had a good time on Saturday and hope to see you at some caches in the future.