Saturday, December 23, 2006

No Lies

Since I give stock tips on things I am thinking of buying, then I should tell you when I shed stocks as well. This past week I shed my Garmin stock. I haven’t lost confidence in the stock. However, I purchased the stock six weeks ago and the stock was up almost $10.00 a share. I was starting to see downward pressure on the stock and thought I had a nice profit to take off the table. So, I raked the table. Took my cash and invested elsewhere. I will be looking to pick up more Garmin stock in mid January. I still feel this is a good long term stock choice. I am convinced it will double in less than three years. Lately it has been getting good reviews and was a Motley Fool "best international stock of 2007". The television is routinely showing Garmin commercials. I think all these things have led to a short term inflated price. Look for a small dip in price after the new year. After it fads from peoples memory.

I picked up the stock "MIC". This is another international company who makes most of its money in the United States. This company invest in infrastructure type businesses. Mostly airport parking and some energy pipelines. It has routinely issued 6.5% and 7.0% dividends in the few years it has been traded. I am a dividends type investor. A $1,200 investment will yield me a quarterly dividend of $18.70. That’s over $78 to reinvest next year in more dividend paying stocks. I call that compounding dividend interest. I figure, If I do that often enough for long enough, I will have a retirement income.

I am currently updating this blog from the great area of Dalton, GA. I am here visiting my parents. Well, I am here letting my parents visit with their granddaughter. My father and I went out Geocaching today. We had a hit and miss kind of a day. Dad has trouble with his knees and back and was unable to traverse some of the steep slopes on some of the surrounding mountains in Dalton. However, he was a trooper while I dragged him out and about. Dad is more into metal detecting. Metal detecting is fairly more active in that area. There are many civil war sites in that area. Resaca to Chattanooga was a total war zone during the war of northern aggression. An interesting spot we visited today was a mountain ridge that was used by the confederate army in holding off part of Sherman’s troops. It was a great view of the area called mills creek. I didn’t see the state line but I am sure I was looking over into Alabama.

Well, I had better get off here. Company is coming.

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