Friday, December 15, 2006

Stocks and passing time

The news is Garmin has planned a 2 for 1 stock split today. The share price has risen 14.5 % since I purchased the stock back in the first part of November. I was thinking about selling today if the price hit $57 dollars a share. I know I called this a long term stock hold a couple of weeks ago. My name is rakethetable. I was thinking of raking a $200 profit before Christmas on this one and then picking it back up after Christmas when all the hoopla dies down and the price retreats a little. With the stock spilt plan today, I think I will watch it and maybe pick up some more of it. Depends.

I am heading to Alabama Saturday. There is a family birthday party for my wife’s grandmother. First thing Saturday morning my wife has choir practice for their Christmas Cantata. I am running the sound board for that so I will have to be there also. After that, Little One has choir practice – she may have to miss hers since we have to be on the road to Alabama. I plan on hitting a few Geocaches while I am in Anniston. Maybe I can take an in-law or two with me. Give them a good taste of Geocaching and tell them they need to get into the activity. Then sell them on a Garmin unit. I always have an angle. Sell more Garmin units and retire early. Suggestion – Garmin, increase your dividends – you are a debt free company with about 18% of your value in cash. Come on guys – loosen up on the wallet.

Last Stock tip. MIC This is a pretty good looking stock. It is a trust company that invests in infrastructure type companies. This is not a glamour tip or a get rich quick idea. The company shows good steady growth over the years and pays a whopping 6.5% dividend at the current price. 6.5% baby! Currently, my wife is a fan of her savings account. It pays her .5%. I am a fan of dividends and especially of the ones that pay 6.5% baby!
Little one at Six Flags this past summer

Have fun – catch you guys later.

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Aaron said...

Stock tip:
Magellans suck.
Garmins rock.

Target Magellan owners. :)