Sunday, January 07, 2007

At Peace

How is everyone?

Okay, I started with a question. Did you answer the normal – without a thought – "Im all right." Or, did you think for a few minutes and come to a formative conclusion about your true state of being? This Sunday afternoon I am good. Things are good in our life. 2007 is starting out on good notes. My wife and I have good jobs. We are making enough money to pay our bills and everyone in our close and extended family has relative good health. I truly hope 2007 is starting off very well for you also.

I recently was out Geocaching in Peachtree City, GA. On this recent outing, I traded for a rubber bracelet. I normally don’t take to fad items – like the yellow lance Armstrong rubber bracelet. The traded for bracelet hit a spot with me. The inscription on it is “LIVE LIFE LIKE YOU MEAN IT”. I am taking this statement into 2007 and I am going to live life like I mean it. I may look like an idiot wearing an outdated fad item. However, when you see me with it on, I should be living life like I mean it.

We had one more beautiful Saturday in Georgia. Near 70 degrees and the sun was shinning. Next week is supposed to turn cold and produce highs in the 50’s. That should put a brick wall around the Geocaching front. Next week will also be the first week back to normal with work and Little One’s school.

We do have Little One’s birthday party next Saturday. Can you believe it? She will be 6 years old. We have reserved her party at Pump it up. An interesting place of jumbo jumps and items. We went to Publix’s last night and ordered her birthday cake. She picked out a “Castle” cake. Should be a good cake.

Well, I will drop a few photos of Christmas and be done. See you later!
Little One
Little One, Landen and Tanner
Kim and Trent
Little One


CarmenSinCity said...

Good observation - It DOES look like that baby has horns. I wouldn't be surprised since she's coming from a home wrecker :)

Nice Christmas pics!!

Aaron said...

Been there, blogged that. :)

Angela said...

Sounds like 2007 is starting out great for you & your's. Great attitude to begin the rest of your life with too! Funny how the smallest most insignificant things can being such enlightment.