Friday, January 12, 2007

Catch up

Topic 1 – Garmin stock
The stock slide I mentioned earlier is in full swing. The stock is down a little over 3 dollars a share from its late 2006 high. I am closely watching it and hoping to pick it back up around $48 ~ $49 dollars a share. The slide was initially fairly steep just after ringing in 2007. However that slide angle is growing less and less. This is leading me to believe that the stock may not make it back under $50. If it does, I am going to have an itchy trigger finger. We’ll see.

Topic 2 – Aaron (outdoorliving265) and his dating endeavors into You’ve seen the ads and you have discussed it around the water cooler. Hear first hand accounts of a man’s trek along this information age dating avenue. Aaron is a good writer and opens his heart and mind for all to see. A true blogger is he. Go check this blog out. It’s a good read and will tempt you to look into your own soul for truths that may or may not come to the surface often. I was fortunate enough to meet Aaron one day and spent the majority of that day with him and his friends. They are true honest souls walking this earth, living the life and enjoying their ride.

Topic 3 – My life. The wife, being the ladder climbing corporate accountant she is, I have had an increase level of house and family duties this week. A lame excuse for me not blogging. I have cooked dinners, washed dishes, washed cloths, gave baths, disciplined, watched over homework, played games, ate out (because I can), generally cleaned house and I am plum tuckered out. When is my wife coming home….. Lovely wife of mine – I do so sincerely appreciate you. With good fortune, she will be home today at a decent time. I think I will reward her with her choice of anywhere on the planet to go for dinner. I need her. I want her. Little one wants her. Little one needs her. Our house / home is hanging on but I am not sure it will continue without her womanly ways. Okay – enough of my whining.

On the brighter side, I have a game plan for accumulating our tax documents. I said I have a plan, I don’t know if it is a good plan or not. We will see in a month or so. I am sure my follow through of the plan will fail before anything. Child care, stocks, mortgages, 2nd mortgages, employment, and side employment –how are common folk supposed to keep track of all this stuff? I am the type that likes to deliver all my documents to our tax accountant in a neat and orderly manner on February 1st. I think it is the thrill of the return check I expect. I know when you pay as much mortgage interest as I do, I better get some back! I am thinking of a nice weekend trip to the Pocono’s with the return. I am sure my wife is thinking of fattening up of the savings account. That’s our battle. I am sure she will win. Oh phooey!

Topic 4 – Geocaching. Plain and simple. I haven’t been. I haven’t hidden and I haven’t researched. Review topic 3 for hints why. I am itchy to get back out there and hunt for these darned things. I was picking up the occasional micro urban cache. However, most of the ones around the house and along the work route are done. There is a meeting of us GPS geeks in a couple weeks in Columbus Georgia at Port Columbus. I am aiming at attending this one. It is on a Sunday afternoon. I will push for it to be a family event. We will see how the family thinks of this idea. Tomorrow will mark 7 days in a row without a cache find – unbelievable!

Topic 5 – Birthday plans. Little one turned 6 this week and Saturday will be filled with family and friends and party goers. My family in coming down from Dalton. The wife’s family is coming in from Alabama. A wide and excited ride for all will be had. Unless I pick up a cache that is over near the “pump it up” in Tyrone, it will be 8 days without a Geocache.

Topic 6 – Poker. I haven’t done a lot of this either lately. I have played a few sit-n-go’s online. I have some good showings. Some getting my hands caught in the cookie jar. I can’t relate it clearly now – days later. But, I was in a 48 player sit-n-go and got caught early in a hand I should have known better in playing. I was caught with second best 2 pair and lost 80% of my starting chips within the first blind level. I took 285 tournament chips and a lowest 47 position and worked it all the way to a 2nd place finish. The blinds were still low enough I could wait for a hand. I moved in a couple of times and about the third time I tripled up and got back even with the rest of the field. From there I worked wonders with the chips and by the 3rd level was swapping the lead with another player at a different table. I picked up hands and I was stacked repeatedly by players thinking I was bluffing. Who me? I was not pleased with the 2nd place finish. I went to heads up a slight chip leader. I was totally juiced about making up the ground I had lost in the beginning of the tournament. However, I could have not got more lousy cards than I got in heads up. If I made top pair, my opponent would have an over pair. Nothing was coming my way. That was so upsetting. To have come so far only to be thrown out to the dogs in a fleeting moment was unsettling.

Well, I guess that sums up a week past and a few days future. I will catch up to you peeps later.

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