Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

It's 2007 and I have started getting more organized.
I went to Lowe's today to finish off a gift card and
purchase some shelves. Our computer desk had been
getting pretty messy lately. I have now put them
together and set things on the shelves and we are back
in business. Feels really nice to sit here and not have to
knock over 10 things to grab a pen or to place my drink

Little one is spending a couple of days at Granna's house.
Mom and I go back to work tomorrow and she is still out
of school for 2 more days. I should get a few things done
around the house done - more organizing.

I mentioned last blog that I haven't played much poker
lately. Well, I ventured online at Full Tilt yesterday. I managed
to loss a couple of 1 table sit n go's. Then I settled into a
3 table sit n go and really paid attention. I went to the final
table as the short stack and turned that into a WIN baby!
Glad to know I can still nickle and dime them when I am down.
I won the thing with a full house. Sweet baby!

Tomorrow starts new management circus at work. We will
see how it goes. Should be good for a while. I don't see anyone
making any big moves until they are settled down a little bit.

Geocaching: I have done a little over the last couple days. Not
enough to write about and take up your time. I have placed a
few more and still have two ammo cans to place somewhere.
Those require a little more thought as they are large and must
be hidden much more cleverly.
This photo was taken on Dug Gap mountain in Dalton, GA.
My father and I saw this view while Geocaching during
Christmas Break.

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great 2007.


--S said...

Organization is good. Send me some shelves, too. We still have an entire room with piles of boxes and crap from when we moved here two years ago! I'm jealous :)

Aaron said...

Up in Dalton Geocaching and didn't call me? I was just right down the road in Calhoun.

Angela said...

Happy New Year! Beautiful picture of the view you and your Dad spied whilst geocaching on Dug Gap mountain. I'll have to make sure and check those caches out. Are you going to the Jan 2007 GGA meeting? If so, you'll have to make sure to do some caching with us afterward.