Tuesday, January 16, 2007


As an adult, I have always been the one to lag technology & style trends. I refuse to pay the “new” technology / fashion price. I don’t own Abercrombie & Fitch. I never thought about buying an IPOD.

The last couple of years I have purchased a few computers and a digital camera. I don’t spend a huge amount of time learning “how” they work. I just want to use them as they are advertised. I recently purchased a Palm TX. This is supposed to be the Mac daddy of non-phone gadgets. I would love to have a Trio. However, I am not paying monthly moneys to cingular or anyone else for that toy. I am spending more and more time – figuring this thing out than in technology past.

The Palm TX. This puppy rocks. It does the normal calendar, contacts and solitaire. It has a great list of extras: SD card expansion (games, books, music, pictures), Wi-Fi for those hot spot layovers, Speaker and headset jack, MP3 and other music capabilities and a huge color screen.

I am still learning all this thing will do. I hope to interweave this into my Geocaching hobby. Using the internet and storage capabilities to be able to view the cache pages while out on the trail. This will surely beat lugging around a notepad or a laptop.

The SD card slot is awesome. I have already downloaded all of my 2006 pictures and ripped all my CD music onto a 2 Gig card. I have now lots of family photos and an MP3 player to go with me at all times. Speaking of MP3. I told a friend about its capabilities of MP3 and my travels through learning how to create, save and listen to it. He went out and purchased an MP3 player and immediately I was looked upon as the expert. That hasn’t happened in a while. Me an expert on Technology? – don’t laugh too hard. I was able to help him and now he has rock n roll to listen to.

The Wi-Fi is awesome. I can link up to a wireless network and surf around – even checking both internet mail and business mail. I was online last night on CMT trying to get it to play some videos from that website. Maybe it has limits but I didn’t figure out how. The best thing was it was a cinch to figure out the security set-up with the wireless at home. Now, if Full Tilt will create a Palm Internet Poker program – I will be set.

Tonight is Poker night. Jason and I have agreed to meet up and take the tournament by storm. I am not sure what strategies I will employ. It really depends on how I feel when it starts. Sometimes I am not really in the mood to play and get really aggressive. Usually this works to build a chip stack and then I have to stay and play while not in the mood. If I want to try and last in the tournament, I will play like scared money and lose it slowly and miss the cut-off. Tight the first couple of rounds and tight/aggressive in the middle rounds and tighten back up near the end. Maybe this is the style I will employ. Any comments?

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Angela said...

Congrats on the getting the Palm! Sounds like it's neat little gizmo. You'll love it on the trail. I don't have one, but I sure loves it when I'm caching with someone who does have all the info electronically. :)