Thursday, February 22, 2007

Arizona Trip Report - Day 1

Our first day traveling and getting settled was good. We were at the airport bright and early. This year we used one of the offsite park and rides. They were polite and delivered us promptly. My wife and I made it through the kiosk check-in at Delta and checked our luggage. Our largest case weighed in at a whopping 46lbs. 4 lbs shy of the 50 limit before extra charges apply.
As we circled the Delta counter and headed for the security check-point, I remembered the Garmin was still sitting on the dash of the van back at the park and ride. I went into shock mode. Here I am carrying Computer, Palm and wires out the ying yang and it’s for nothing if I don’t have that device. I stop and tell her to continue through and I will meet up with her at the terminal.

I caught a quick ride back to the van and picked up the GPS. I made it back to the airport and headed for security. I was making good time. I was standing in the line when it was my turn - I had forgotten to take off my shoes. STOP the line take off my shoes and step forward. Bells and whistles go off and the security guy asked me to step back remove my belt. Okay, no problem. I am a little frustrated with the GPS thing and I just want all metal off me. So, I start taking off my ring, my belt and my watch. That’s when the proverbial crap hits the fan. You ever have one of those moments when you know someone has power over you and you are helpless. This guy comes from the other side of the screening machine and starts barking orders at me like I am a recruit in basic training. "I didn’t tell you to remove your ring or your watch". " You’re not listening to me and we are going to have problems." I look him square in the eye with no emotion. I wanted to hit him but thought better of it. As I listened to his orders to place only my belt in a gray tub and step back through, I felt helpless. You read of those stories where people lose it with these people and now I am about 5 seconds from laying this punk on the floor with a good old fashion southern butt whooping.

Okay, belt in tub and me back at the portal. The same bells and whistles go off. A#*&$. He says "step back". About this time another man walks up. He asks "do you have a computer?". I respond in my extremely mild mannered "yes". "You will need to take it out and lay it in a tub by itself. Luckily, there are about 5 empty tubs there. I pick one and quickly get the computer out and in it. Back to the first guy. He says "place your watch in the tub". Back to my original wanting to get all metal object from my body - but resisting. I place the watch in a tub and walk through. Sing praises and shout glory - I make it though. However, I feel half naked and my stuff is scattered in about 4 different tubs. I grab the computer and bag and get all that stuffed back together. Then my belt, watch and shoes and find a corner to collect myself and get dressed for the second time of the day.

I make my way to the terminal and my lovely wife is there awaiting her idiot husband. She greets me with a smile and we head off to find something to eat for breakfast. No man should have to go through all that before he has had his first cup of coffee and a biscuit in his stomach.
Our flight is good. I watch the travel channel and alternate between checking our air speed and elevation with the GPS and playing games on the Palm TX. My wife reads a book and she makes it through (she has difficulties flying - motion sickness).

We arrive at the beautiful JW Marriot in Phoenix and get registered and a bite to eat. My wife had to do her duties from 2 until 3 PM. I walk about the resort getting acquainted with my surroundings. I head back up to the room just in time to see some punk take Tony Stewart out of the Daytona 500. Soon, my wife returns and we head down to the Expo to meet and greet. After seeing several people and sharing photos of the kids (theirs and Little One) we decide to head back to the room to rest and freshen up before dinner.

We meet Cliff and Laurie outside the ballroom and head inside for dinner. The spread was caesar salad (Yuck), asparagus (okay), grilled chicken (better than it looked) and lasagna (I didn’t go there). There were some other items but I didn’t give them a second look.
After dinner we walked around the resort. We showed Cliff and Laurie the rabbits that are outside. We walked around to the pool area and took a few photos - they are a bit dark.
The last thing for the evening was a love and respect marriage speaker (Mr. Emerson Eggerishs). He was good. He talked about how women need to know their husbands love them and men need to know that their wives respect them. Nothing to fancy or earth shattering.
There was coffee and desserts out by the pool area after the speaker. We decided after the day we had that we would retire to our comfortable room. It was 10:00PM Arizona time.


Aaron said...

I hope the weather is enjoyable. It's supposed to be a little dismal around here for the next couple days.

And the TSA SUCKS! Inevitably, there is always one screener (either in my line or another line in the immediate area) that I want to kick in the teeth.

Angela said...

Yup, another airport security dude on steriods. So many of them have 'little big man syndrome'.

Sounds like y'all are having fun out there in the Arizona desert!

Angela said...
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CarmenSinCity said...

WOW - you handled yourself really well with that guy at the airport. I would have gotten a serious attitude and made it harder on myself in the process.

The hotel looks pretty nice!! I like the pictures.