Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Arizona Trip Report - Day 4

The last full day in Arizona had a few high points in it. Breakfast again was pretty good - sausage gravy and biscuits. The conversation was good around the table. There were a couple of people around the table that my wife knew. So, conversation was less forced than normal. There were plenty of smiles and jokes to go around. I got the feeling that each of us were feeling the end of the trip and were ready to head back home. It’s been several days now since I have seen Little One and I miss her.
The morning session was pretty good. On stage was Coach Wooden. He had an impressive run of 10 NCAA Division 1 Basketball titles while coaching at UCLA. He was named by ESPN as the "Coach of the Century" for the 20th century. He is in his mid nineties and his mind and body is still sharp. He spoke about team building on individual character.

The afternoon was an eventful 4X4 Jeep ride in the desert. We had a box lunch and boarded the bus just before 1PM. The bus ride was about 30 minutes out towards Fort McDowell. Specifically, it was the Fort McDowell Indian Community. The bus pulls up to the stables there. The activities could have been Hiking, Horseback riding or the Jeep ride. We had chosen the jeep ride. We boarded the jeep along with some others. The jeep took us out a couple of miles and stopped. We along with about 10 other jeep occupants disembarked on a short walk. There two guys talked about the desert and the plants and animals that make it their home. Interesting a bit. I still wished to see some wildlife. But Alas, it is the desert and most animals are nocturnal.

After that, our jeep took us back to the stable area. There was a picnic covered area there. We picked up a cold drink and fruit there. A couple of us sat around and chatted. I got the chance to speak to a couple from Texas about the power of GPS. The guy had been introduced to the GPS in a Boy Scout Orienteering class. I explained the "extras" that today’s GPS offers. Of course the turn by turn directions. But also, the "Find" function. I think this function is what the manufactures should be advertising. A wife/mother broken down - the GPS finds the closest Wrecker service - gives the address and telephone number. Also, she gives the Wrecker operator turn by turn directions from the wrecker service to where she is. Or, a kid is snake bitten while out hiking with his family. You guessed it. The GPS quickly finds the closest Hospital and gives them the phone number and turn by turn directions on how to get there. They’ve called ahead and the hospital is awaiting his arrival. These are 2 awesome "shocking" views of the use of these gadgets. Things the consumer will remember the next time they are browsing at their local Best Buy. Not just the trivial ideas of finding the local shopping mall.
We get back to the hotel with time for a short shower and rest. The closing session was a couple of comedians. Brian Reagan was the head liner. You may recognize him with the skits of: "cup of dirt" science project or "you too" response when not appropriate. He was pretty funny.
With the winding up of our Arizona trip we were tired and really ready to head back home. We missed our Little One. And with this last post, I also hope you have enjoyed your trip to Arizona as told by yours truly.

Good Night.


Aaron said...

You never miss an opportunity to sell some Garmin stock, do ya? :P

Angela said...

All in all, it sounds like y'all had a wonderful trip! I'm sure Little One was glad to see y'all too!