Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Phoenix on the Horizon

A trip to phoenix is coming up soon and I have begun the preparations. No I haven’t purchased toothpaste or shampoo. I haven’t done laundry or started to pack the cloths I will need. I have though started downloading GPS coordinates in and around the hotel where we will be staying. I have to get my priorities straight. I think I have. Next up will be to charge the Palm, Camera and phone. Take a few extra set of batteries for the Garmin® GPS. I need to do some laundry – my hiking shoes need a run through the washer. A trip to a Geocache that had me wade through water in a tunnel under I-85 got them a wee bit dirty. It was a good one.
While in phoenix, I should have plenty of free time. I just hope I can make it to some of the nice parks and hiking trails out there. I may have to take a couple extra bucks for cab fare or car rental. Phoenix seems to be a Geocaching nut place. They seem to be everywhere. Wish me luck there.
Poker: Haven’t played a lick since returning from Tunica. I skipped out on last night’s tournament – being all close to Valentine’s Day and stuff. I am not sure I will get to play in the next couple of weeks either.
On the poker subject – Reading Daniel’s blog lately it is easily seen that “Hollywood” has truly invaded the Vegas card slingers lives. The talk about rumors and someone talking about someone else is overwhelming. Sounds like the Hollywood I know. Gossip is king. Someone writes an article critiquing another players’ skill and someone else talking about that person – whew. A mess. Boys (and ladies) it’s life. You should not let the “talk” consume you – let it go.
Stocks – Garmin is back up around $52 a share. I don’t own it. Sold it a while back on a high and didn’t buy back in on its late January low. Garmin, while a great stock, doesn’t fit squarely in my stock strategy. That’s not to say there is no room for it. It just sits on the fringes of my long term goals. The price increase is there; however, I am turned off by the low dividend rate. Can you make money on it – you bet. GPS is here to stay in the worlds lives – it will continue to grow for many years to come. Good growth outlook. Come off the hip for more dividends and I am a really happy camper.
Okay – make that $58 a share – what an opening day for Garmin. Currently seeing 12% increase in early day trading on good earnings outlooks. We will see what the rest of the month holds for them. Right now the P/E ratio is sitting at 30.14. That’s a little high for this old timer’s stock evaluator.
I am looking to diversify into some transportation stocks. I have mentioned this before. The US trade deficit is growing. I read yesterday that the exports would have to grow at 50% to just keep the deficit even. WOW! Okay. On that news – if we are bringing goods in from around the world, it leads me to think that we will have to move those goods throughout the country. Railroads and solid trucking companies should be well positioned for this. Even a few ocean liner companies. I am probably about 7 years later than I need to be into this area – but good growth is due to this sector.

I received an email with the quote below in it. I thought it was cute so I included it here today.

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them. -Phil Pastoret

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Aaron said...

Arizona (or Georgia) doesn't have anything on the Pacific Northwest. There are more than 9000 in Washington. More than 8000 in Oregon. Now that's caching country!

Angela said...

Phoenix should be fun! Ya headin' out there for business?