Monday, March 26, 2007

Doghouse Weekend

The last week has been a whole week of the dull-drones. Work, sleep and eat is about all that I can say we accomplished. The good news is that spring is here and things are starting to come alive. My wife and I toured our grounds of out home this past week looking over last years plantings. She (and I) are disappointed in the growth (and death) of some of last years plants. One corner area in particular we were depressed about is where we planted some shrubs to hide a culvert. About 50% of the shrubs had died and the others showed little or no growth. Now, before you start feeling all sorry for me and my wife, know that we planted them, watered them for about 2 weeks then left them alone. So, it’s my fault for not taking better care of them. I have looked and I don’t see any part of my thumb showing signs of being or even turning green.

My lawn is the next sore spot. I don’t spend a lot of time, energy or money on it. I mow it. I fertilize it a couple times a year. I may even water it during the hottest part of the summer if I am in a giving mood. Therefore, don’t feel sorry for me in that matter either. I plan on this week working on the grass and maybe the shrubbery. Maybe I can still rescue my lawn from those pesky weeds. But, I am not promising anything.

Another weekend goes by without any geocaching. I haven’t even been a good student where I research an area in preparation. I was never a boy scout – but I do like to be prepared. Geocaching for me is mostly an impromptu activity. It usually springs up out of an unexpected time without the family. Usually my wife tells me she and Little One have plans without me and I grab my gear and head out the door. I should have everything already downloaded just waiting to spring into action. No. Not this big boy. I have been lazy here during the first signs of spring. Maybe this week I can get in gear and get an area mapped out.

Fun leads to the doghouse. Saturday, our family started the day off great. Little One had a soccer game at 9:30AM. Her team technically won while at the same time tied. Politically correctness has lost something with me. Either you win or lose – pansies. However, I digress. After her game, we stayed for the next set of games. Little One had a couple of friends playing on the same field as she did in the next set of games. We found out that another girl from her class also had a game on the next field over. So, we enjoyed three different games after hers. I was the cheering section. Electing to stand and walk around cheering for her friends on each field.

A birthday party was next on the schedule. We had a few minutes to get home – get Little One a shower – and get her back to the party. I left that up to my wife while I found nap time much better to my liking. The sad part – I ended up sleeping the entire afternoon away. This is where the train started to have trouble.

My wife had asked earlier in the day if we could go eat supper at her parents. “Sure” - I said. However, after being awoken from my nap, I wasn’t in the best of moods and said I would stay back. This wasn’t received all that well. Little One and mom left me there. I stretched and yawned and focused on Classic ESPN. A marathon of poker was on. I had fallen asleep to it, dreamed about it and woke to it. As time past, I found some grub in the refrigerator and heated it up for my dinner. I returned to my TV and poker. I was still hungry. I returned to the refrigerator and found more of the same left over grub. I ate it too. As I was finishing off the second plate, the phone rings.

2nd part of train trouble. Roy, my partner in most crimes called with an intriguing situation. Roy has a four wheeler. I want a four wheeler. I don’t have one. Therefore, most of his exploits on these machines goes on without me. However, this wasn’t the case building today. Roy had teamed up with a few riders and one rider was blessed with multi machines. Can you feel the wheels of this train starting to jump and wiggle back and fourth? Roy says “come ride with us – Scott has an extra four wheeler. Okay – I leave the wife a note saying I am riding four wheelers and will be home late.

Scott is a very interesting and good guy. What little I could piece together, he was once very active on the professional scene of motor-cross here in Georgia. He has 2 speeds stop and all out fast as it will go. I think his stop even out paces me. He’s just a fun guy to be around. Well, the extra machine he had is a Rhino. This machine rocked. Matt rode shotgun with me in the Rhino. Scott road a monster of a beast – a Polaris 800. Mark (Tunica attendee) rode with Scott. Roy tore the woods up on his Honda. Another machine and driver rode a short time with us but hung his helmet up early. We continued to ride – stop and tell stories and ride some more. Time escapes us.

The train has definitely jumped the track. I pull up to the house and open the garage door just as the clock in my truck clicks over to 5AM. Yeah – the wife was more than a little concerned for my well being and wasn’t too happy with this kind of behavior out of her husband. I showered and climbed into bed for a 3 hour nap before having to get up for church. I guess you’re not too surprised to know that Sunday afternoon was also wiped out to a nap.

That was my weekend. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Now, it’s time for me to take my dinner back to the doghouse and wait for green light to come back inside.

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Still better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission?