Sunday, March 18, 2007

Full Sunday

Today after church - my wife and little one took off to Alabama to see my wife's ailing grandfather. He is in the hospital suffering from conditions of diabetes. He has been there about a week and the returned message was that he wasn't doing well.

I stayed back in Georgia and took the afternoon to visit a few Geocaches that were near my home. One was new and the other I hadn't gotten over that direction to retrieve. I spotted both fairly quickly. One of those caches will be muggled quickly. It is under some rocks right at a boat ramp. Kids will spot that one as soon as the weather warms a bit. I was alone in my search. Not a soul in sight. Today was a beautiful day with only a bit of crispiness in the cool air. The sun was bright and inviting. It was interesting that both caches I went after were at 2 boat ramps at 2 different lakes. I guess my mind is trying to tell me it's fishing time.

I returned home for a quick sit-n-go where I placed 2nd. Then retired to the bed for a good nap. Tonight as I ate supper, I jumped into another sit-n-go. I was chip leader after about the 4th hand where I picked up a wheel draw on the flop and bet it until the miracle 3 came on the river. 2 people paid my all-in bet off with aces. From then on I was chip leader except for one section where I called off a stack of chips with top pair not thinking they made the flush. They did and then became my target. I quickly regained the lead never to look back. Later, when I put them out - it was sweet. It was very sweet. It went to heads up with me a little over T10,000 and the other two fighting for about T1,800. enots made a vallant effort but came up short. The cards were very good to me. I didn't have a long dry spell the whole game. It was the first sit-in-go I played in a while that took 5 people to the 1 hour break. It was a very cautious table.

I did feel bad about one suck out on someone. I had a gut shot straight draw and they just didn't bet enough to throw me off my hand. When the card came on the river, they also went down.

It's late and I am ready for bed. night all.....


CarmenSinCity said...

I was wondering and wondering what in the hell geocaching is, so I finally followed the link and found out. Looks fun!

Did you leave something for them to find?

Angela said...

Glad you enjoyed your Sunday of geocaching & poker playing! Sounds like a good day to me!