Saturday, March 17, 2007


Little One is on the record books !

She made her first goal today.
Her team won. (they dont keep score - but I do :-) )
They only gave up one goal to the other team.
The kids played excellent. Clearing the ball well
whenever it was in front of their goal.
The hockey game was good. Only 1 good fight.
It was tied when we left near the eng of regulation.
Atlanta won in overtime. The suite was nice.
Yes Carmen - our own bathroom - that was GOOD.

I splurged for the group and purchased the "snack attack".
It was an assortment peanuts, cashews, chips, pretzels and trail mix.
Listed at a whopping $36 I was fine with that since the
tickets were free. The bill rang up $45 - a little different
than advertized. I gave them a tip and sent them on their way.
19 people showed up to enjoy the suite - there was snacks
left when we left. Sorry - no photos of the hockey.
Here are the photos from todays game.
As you can tell - it was a cold Saturday morning.


CarmenSinCity said...


She's awesome. Tell her I'm so happy for her and keep up the good work.

Aaron said...

Could you take the snacks home with you if you didn't finish them?

Angela said...

Congrats to lil' one and her first goal!! How exciting!!

The hockey game sounded like fun. Gotta love them suites. And I told you you would LOVES that private bathroom. ::wink::