Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hanging on

It’s a little past mid week here and I am fairly tired today. Another staff meeting presentation looms on the calendar next week. This time I am almost finished ahead of time. I need to polish the presentation and we will be set to deliver it.

Poker is hot. Well, at least my game was. I told you a couple blogs ago that I haven’t really played since returning from Tunica. That inspired me to log in and test the waters. 1st sit-n-go. BAM! First place. 2nd sit-n-go BAM! First place. Then reality – 3rd one I am chip leader with four left and one sitting out. A player gets put on the ropes and I go after him – every hand hard. He starts gets hit in his fat face with the deck. He out pairs me. He 2 pairs over my pair. I can’t get a break. I slow down – I know when someone has my number. I lay off a while and start working on stealing some of the other players blinds. I out last the sitting out guy and then get caught with deck face with A9 on an A ten eight flop. He holds A ten. Go figure. So, we will see if I can recover. That game hurt my ego. I owned the table and couldn’t pull off the win. That hurt.

I had in interesting day today both business and personal. It started off with a trip to our secondary facility several miles from the headquarters. It constantly amazes me the level of garbage that people will spew from their mouths while presenting in a meeting. Do they think we are dumb and weren’t listening last week? Do the “real” executives (not me) hear the same things I hear in these meetings? They must be asleep. I wouldn’t think they would let them get away with it week after week. I know I am being non-specific – but I have to keep it that way (family needs me to keep my checks rolling in). Let’s just say it went from bad to worse then a second meeting confirmed the proverbial train wreck. It’s frustrating having all the answers and no one else seeing the forest for the trees. I have to say I have seen a couple of key people coming to me and telling me I hit the nail on the head and that I made the presenters look like a deer in the headlights the last couple of weeks. I need to be quiet and not draw attention to me. That’s the way you get more work dumped on you.

Personally, I jumped at the chance to go geocaching today. Little One wanted mom to pick her up from school today. That gave me a chance to exit stage left and get out of the house for a while. I quickly downloaded a couple of places and off I went. I found 3 out of 4 I looked for. A good day for me. These were out in the woods. I prefer these. I am about frustrated to my eyeballs on urban caches. I don’t like them and they are not worth it to me. Standing behind a bank walking around in the shrubs is not my idea of a geocache. An afternoon in the woods on a beautiful 70-degree day is a wonderful day. It also helps in blowing off the steam from the business day. Worked for me. However, now I have to deal with a slight back pain. Advil and an ice pack – ahhhh.

I am becoming more computer savvy – An old dog learns new tricks. I logged my “rakethetable” name at youtube. One of these days I am going to have to copyright/trademark the name. If you know how, let me know. I have a reason to be on youtube. A blog is a great way to keep the extended family updated on our life’s. I guess it take away from a old form of a Christmas letter. However, this fat boy gets to also share of videos of our lives.

**Comment needed** - if you know how to shrink the size of videos - please let me know.

Last but not least – I have a special surprise for all the family readers (that never comment – an aggravation of mine). I took a video of Little One for you to enjoy.

Oh the joys of parenting.

Little One showing me a song she is learning in Children’s Choir.

Good night and God Bless


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this beautiful little girl and the video. And yes, I never comment, but I read almost daily.
Your favorite aunt!!!

CarmenSinCity said...

She's soooooo cute!!!!

Good job on the SNG's too!

Aaron said...

I had one opportunity to go Geocaching in Washington this trip and DNF'd the only one I had time to do. Go figure. :(