Thursday, March 01, 2007

Math and Soccer

Did Someone say football?

Let the spring season begin and let the hustle and bustle of new life spring forth. We have returned from Phoenix. Things are starting to seem like they are falling back to normal. I have a week of work under my belt and have recovered from what piled up while I was gone. The house is somewhat back to normal. Now......

Saturday morning will be a rush. Our Little One has been selected to participate in the Mathfest in College Park. She will be one of the students representing her school in a math competition. We are proud of her. I can’t imagine at 6 representing my school for a math competition. The categories she will have to compete in are: Adding whole numbers, telling time, value of Coins and adding objects. We have to be at the venue at 8:00am Saturday morning.

Soccer season starts on Saturday as well. Little One’s first practice / game is at 11:30am. I am not sure if we will make it back by then. If the printed schedule for the math competition is correct, she should be completed by 11:00. I am guessing that things will be running late. There are suppose to be hundreds of kids from K~8th grade there competing.

Our pigs are doing great. They survived the boarding while we were away in Phoenix. They are eating very well and seem to be adjusting back to us well. Snoopy is more relaxed around us. We pick him up and pet him the most. Jack is our skiddish pig. If we come near the cage, he will run and hide in their plastic house. Snoopy will just freeze.

Little One is getting better and better with them as well. She is now wanting to get snoopy out more and petting him without direct supervision. Snoopy is great because once you get him into your lap he just sits there all quiet and content.

No poker this week. To tell the truth - I have really been burned out lately on it. While I am a profitable player the drag of the grind is really torture to someone who has a full time job and a family and other activities of interest. The tournaments no longer are much interest due to you always get the player playing ace anything calling to the river ace. I don’t have the stomach much for limit. Fold, fold, fold, play hope they don’t hit their flush by the river. Then the no limit these days are filled with the "all in" player. They have no "game". Just one move. So, the poker content here has just about dried up. Maybe the spring sin will bring more interest back. If it doesn’t return, what ever will I do with a blog named rakethetable. It’s hardly fitting for anything other than poker.

I don’t like to talk (or write) politics. However, I am thinking more and more about politics, economy and the balance lately. I am sure a lot of people are. With the current administration, our futures are tossed about at the whelm of an failing foreign policy. I usually sit in church and hear some pastor preach about the end of times. At which time I tune them out and start thinking about lunch. However, things seem to be different. Not the end of times different. Just different in that you know the icy lake we are currently traveling on is very thin and just one small wrong step and all hell can break loose. I love my country and I support our soldiers. However, we are in a pickle and there is no good answer to exit our current situation. We stay - we continue to die and make more and more enemies. We leave and Iran takes control of 50% of the worlds oil and they have us by the nuts. If you are thinking of running for the presidency, take my advise and wait about 12 years. The next president has some really hard challenges ahead of them - whoever they are/whichever political party affiliation.

Ideally, I have left the building


Aaron said...

Heaven-forbid you give up poker. You'll have to change your geocaching nick, too!

I hope the next president has the balls to talk about solutions, not failures. I could give a rip about who thinks who is at fault. Pointing the finger won't solve any problems.

(Will Democrats actually run with a "Here's what we can do for America" campaign as opposed to "Bush got you into this mess, I'll get you out" campaign?)

CarmenSinCity said...

She is sooooo cute! I was a cheerleader when i was her age too!

Angela said...

Awh, little one is so cute in her little uniform! I, too, was a cheerleader at her age for rec football and basketball. Even won some cheerleading competitions. Speaking of competitions, how did her math competition go?

I think you prolly just need a little break from poker. Everyone needs breaks from their hobbies. You'll be back in there with the big dawgs before ya know it.

On the political note, I'd rather not post my thoughts here. I really don't follow politics, but my views and opinions are so contradictory, it usually makes people's heads spin.