Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Revival Week

This week has been revival week at out church. So, to say I haven’t had much time to venture outside much. All day at work – pick up Little One – wife gets home – we head out to church for dinner and revival – drive home and get ready for bed. Okay. Now you know how my week has been so far.

The week has been a good week. I am lifted up from the revival services. I have a new outlook on life. I am emerging from the rut of the drums of life. The project that I was covered in is coming to closure. Life outside is coming alive. The weather is warming up. Bills are paid. All signs point to a few good times in the near future.

I splurged after Little One’s first soccer game Saturday and took the family to KIKU – Japanese steak house. Hibachi style! Little One hadn’t been since she was about 2 and she doesn’t remember that time. So, there we sat with two other couples ready to eat very well. The Japanese cook was young and not all that polished in his twirling of dangerously sharp knives. His spinning of the egg and cracking it open with the spatula was off and took him to his second egg to get it correct. The food was good. I was the only one at the table to get steak. All others had chicken. No one in our family tried to “catch” a shrimp flipped from the chef. However, the other couples were there ready for their try. Most missed – due to flight path totally missed the mark. We walked out paying slightly over $54 for lunch. Combine that with a Red Lobster Friday night supper and it nears $100 for 2 meals. That stings a bit – but what the heck. Sometimes you just have to live life.

HOCKEY. Thanks to a well connected friend at church, we will see the Atlanta Thrashers take on the New York Rangers this Friday at Phillips Arena. No just any tickets but suite tickets. He works for a very large corporation in downtown Atlanta. This corporation has a suite in the area and he was able to lock down the suite. I think about 4~5 families are getting to go. We are taking my mother-in-law. My father-in-law will be out of town for a team national meeting I think. She will be spending the night with us on Friday and attending Little One’s soccer game on Saturday. I am a true southerner. I don’t know squat about Hockey. But I will attend any sporting event that creates excitement. I have only been to 1 other hockey game. Phillips arena has two large “Thrasher” heads mounted above the ice. (Thrasher is Georgia’s state bird). When the Thrashers score the mouths on these birds open and shoots out a large flame. You can feel the immense heat from any seat in the house. We should have fun.

Geocaching: None, nope, notta, haven’t been – It is killing me. I have the surrounding area fairly well covered with my signature. I prefer non urban caches since I do most hunting alone. I really don’t like standing in the rear of a store picking through some bushes looking for a 35mm film canister. I much prefer to trek miles through the Georgia forest looking for an ammo box stuff full of trinkets. I will have to plan a day get-a-way soon. Maybe somewhere like Savannah. Any takers???


CarmenSinCity said...

I love the Japanese steakhouse!!!! It's always fun to catch airborne meat in your mouth.

Aaron said...

Why don't they just hold the revival OUTSIDE? duh.

And since only two Geocachers read your blog (or at least comment), was that directed towards us? :D

TenMile said...

Most times I wish they still used metal flim canisters, though I still carry a metal detector in urban areas.

It helps a bit in finding those tiny magnetic key boxes - and the stray coin at the parks.

Angela said...

Suite seats? Heck Yeah!! Ya' know best part about it? Private bathroom - clean & no lines. Fabulous!

Savannah!?!? ::Ears perk up::