Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday Review

Little One did awesome in her Mathfest competition. The first round started at 8:30am with all students, parents and teachers in a huge ballroom at the Georgia International Convention center. It was loud and confusing. My opinion is that was a very poorly run stage of the event. Little one was sitting on the end of a row with lots of parents within feet of her talking and moving around. How she concentrated I will never know. They needed established boundaries that allowed for the students to be significantly away from the crowd. A very short introduction of how to answer with no instruction on when the clock started was also a very poor performance on the organizers. Little One pressed on and had cards remaining when the stage ended. The concept is that they get about 5 cards to begin with. As they miss questions, cards are taken away. Out of a couple hundred kindergarteners she made it to the 2nd round of 75 students.

The second round students were taken away from everyone into a smaller room. This was a much improved process. However, Little One had a panic attack at this stage. She is NEVER without a teacher or parent that she knows. When they closed the doors to this room and no one she knew was in there – she freaked. I was called into the room to settle her down. I placed my arms around her and told her we were right outside and that this was normal and that her friend was next to her. She calmed down and I was whisked away. All of us parents were waiting outside this room. We were pacing the floors. We were sitting along the hallways. Some of us were standing viliagently outside the door to peek in any time it was opened to allow students to leave or staff to enter.

As the second round progressed, students would file out as they ran out of cards. The crowd would greet them with applause. I thought this was awesome. Some students took it well to have them cheer. Other students didn’t take it so well. They knew their day was over and sobbed. We were told the next level would be when they were down to 17 students. We told us that there were 18 students left. Little One was hanging in there and was smiling as I could see each time the door swung open.

This time when the door opened, Little One suggested to mom by hand motions that she we down to 1 card and didn’t know the answer. Sure enough, with 18 students remaining and the next stage beginning when 17 were left, about 5 small math wizards walked out of the room and Little One was one of them. Mom scooped her up into her arms and gave her a big hug. We all told her how proud we were of her. She handled it well. Little One and her friend (who had been knocked out a few moments earlier) exchanged hugs and smiles for the hard work they had accomplished. Soon we were headed out into the brisk cool windy Atlanta day. Little One with a calculator received from the staff of the event.

While we were at the competition, we were told by other parents with soccer kids that they had received emails saying the fields were closed and the soccer games cancelled. It was while waiting on the event to start, I whipped out the trusted Palm TX and obtained a wireless signal from the conference center and checked my emails. Sure enough, the game was cancelled. We didn’t break it to Little One until the event was over.

We headed home. We all had a few things to get done with the gift of a few hours handed to us by a cancelled soccer game. I cleaned out the piggy cage (also took a nap), mom handled the dishes and laundry. Little One amused herself upstairs in her play room and also took a nap. That afternoon we headed out to catch up with Little One’s Great Grandparents from Alabama who were staying at Granna and Grumps house. Two of Little One’s Great Aunts also came over to visit with their mom. I did my best to pick on Maw Maw and stay out of the way the rest of the time.

Later, my father-in-law and I headed out to pick up dinner. We hit Captain D’s. I went inside to use a 10 piece meal deal coupon while he headed through the drive-thru to use another 10 piece meal deal coupon and pick up Little One a Chicken dinner. I was starving by the time we returned to the house. It smelled so good. I don’t eat Captain D’s much. However, I do like it. I ended up eating three pieces of fish, fries and 2 hush puppies.

This is one fat happy boy here. Bring on the work week.


CarmenSinCity said...

Wow - Little One did a GREAT job. I bet you are so proud :)

Angela said...

YAY for Little One! She did so good! I bet you and your wife are so proud!!