Monday, April 30, 2007

Funkiness and the Breakthrough

Aaron over at outdoorliving365 has blogged about being in a funk. Others have commented about one as well. I haven’t been in a full swing funk. However, I have felt my mind and body trying to head into one. I haven’t been sick. I feel like I have been on the way to being sick. I really haven’t had a whole lot of energy lately.

I was hoping that spring time would awaken my body and spirit. I am still waiting. This week should be a warm and sunny one. Maybe I will perk up soon. Our neighborhood pool should open in a couple of weeks and that should do wonders for my spirit. It will probably dampen a lot of others though. My white skin should be a real good reflective surface for the first couple of weeks up there.

On the Geocaching front. As you heard above, I haven’t had the energy lately. I haven’t even had the will to look up any new ones nearby. I need to get back out to Cochran Mill and walk the trails. That place always seems to lift my spirit.

An old Friend. I was called this weekend by a man who has work for me to do. I blogged about this last year. I sit at the computer and watch video of sewer pipe and get paid. Before you think it’s all gross and stuff – it usually isn’t. It’s cleaned before filming. I watch the video and code the defects (Cracks, holes, junctions & stuff) for data entry. Very easy money. So, as I took the family out to eat Saturday night, we dropped by his place and picked up my first packet in about a year. If he keeps me supplied with work for the remaining year, I can supplement my income by $10,000 ~ $15,000 this year. That will go a long way for vacation. Just in case you were wondering - we ate at Texas Roadhouse. Awesome.

On the Vacation topic. I did book our trip to Disney World. I booked a week long stay at the Wilderness Lodge. Everyone I have spoken with says that it is a great place. Along with the stay I also booked the meal plan. We get breakfast and dinner and a mid day snack for each day we are there for $39/adult and $11 per child. Dinner comes with appetizer, main course and a dessert. The dinner alone covers that cost of the meal plan. We also have 4 day pass hoppers each. I have called ahead and made dinner reservations for each night. We have one character breakfast reserved with the cast of JO-JO’s Circus and Little Einstein’s. Now, I have to find a way to pay for it all. (The extra work should do the job).

On the poker front. I didn’t play a single hand all weekend. I was that lazy. I took naps and went to bed early. That’s the reason I think my body was really wanting to get sick. The poker thing will probably be pushed to the side in favor of using computer time to make guaranteed money. I would love to jump into some of these blogger tournaments. However, the times just don’t jive with my schedule. Maybe someday soon. I hear the poker bloggers are heading to Las Vegas in June. If I can make tons of money with the extra job (pay for the real vacation and Vegas), I would love to make it out there and see them all. Who knows? If you are proficient in finding cheap airfare – hook me up.

Soccer. Little One didn’t have a soccer game this week. She visited an old neighbor of ours. When we lived in Clayton County a neighbor lady with no grandchildren adopted Little One as one of hers. We stay in touch and give them visitation rights. They are really a great couple. Through our contact they now go to church with the in-laws.

Currently, I have plans to pay homage to Carmen over at Poker Girl In Vegas. Carmen does a real “GIRLY” thing and gives her weekly run-down of Dancing with the stars. She does others but that is the one of juice lately. While Carmen is an excitement to read no matter what the content is, I think we men should have something more geared towards our mindsets. I have conceived a notion that I would give an update to some show that I have viewed. While I don’t watch any show religiously week in and week out. I do turn the tube on while heading to bed and usually watch some show on Discovery, TLC or A&E. I am sure my first show run down will be survivolman. Everyone needs to know how to live 7 days with no food, water or shelter when they all of a sudden find themselves alone in the artic circle. Don’t they?

Breaking free from the funk.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A fun Friday night

We spent last night at church with the Childrens Choir
putting on a good show.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gilad Shalit

Some days I am reminded by a strong smack in the face that I am an unappreciative snobby American. I hear the news and wonder what makes people around the globe hate each other at the intensity that is currently present. My world is shaped by the news that I choose or choose not to consume. I have expanded cable and could easily soak up a lot more than I do.

My daily routine continues in the face of all the chaos that happens in this sin filled world. I make decisions that hopefully guide my life and my family’s life away from stressful ways. Can I exist in a world where I travel the path of least resistance? Should I?

The man behind the name that titles this blog is being held captive somewhere in or around Gaze. Gilad is an Israeli soldier. He was captured in a raid on an Israeli Army outpost by Palestinian militants on June 25th, 2006. A young man doing his job and along comes someone with hatred in their heart and takes him away. You may remember the American news about the Israeli crossing over into Khan Yunis in a search/rescue attempt. However, that news story has subsided. Gilad; however, is still held captive. He has already spent his 20th birthday no doubt in some awful place. In about 4 months he will celebrate his 21st birthday. Where will it be?

I spent my 21st birthday taking college finals during the day and moving between nightclubs in Roswell and Marietta that evening. As that still learning unappreciative snobby American, I don’t want to think of where Gilad will be spending his. Hopefully, he will be at home with his mom and dad.

As I told you a couple of days ago, we are planning summer vacation. A week hopefully filled with smiles, laughs and good eats. Then SMACK! I am brought back down to earth with a story like this. I was going to write a happy blog today about how we are going to blissfully splurge in the Orlando sun. However, please forgive me if I devote more space to some scared kid who is growing in manhood more than I will ever know as a man. I will keep Gilad in my mind. I will say many prayers for him and others like him.

Gilad – when you get home and settle things out, look me up. I want to see you emerge from this with good health and high spirits. Your ordeal has helped me look inside me for something more.

Gilad Shalit - God bless you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Short mid-week update

Tuesday’s home game was NOT raided by the mean ole coppers.
And the hero (yours truly) left ahead.

Two different poker blogs I read had inserts today about a
Bowflex being a new item in their home. Are poker
players fat and out of shape or are they the type
to stay in shape? If it’s the latter, then I have to find
another hobby. I don’t do exercise.

Little One was chosen to be in the “gifted” program at school.
I guess she gets those genes from mommy. Miss Valedictorian.

This section removed due to I would like to continue to
receive a paycheck......

What makes matter worse is that corporate management continues to
create bonus structures that encourage and support these types of
management decisions. It encourages them to inter-fight
among the departments for bonus whoring. We, in the end, do not work
as a team – we just work to increase our own bonuses –
crap on the next guy to get our side clean and lean.

I gotta take a walk!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Parental Visitation

The weekend was full of fun.

My wife went to Alabama to visit her ailing grandfather.
Little One and I went to Ce Ce's pizza, PetsMart.
We also got in a little Geocaching.
All this Friday evening.

Saturday, my parents visited from Dalton, GA.
See them looking at the day's photos.

They came down to see Little One play soccer.
It was an awesome game.
Seconds after this photo was snapped, Little One scored.
**notice the background where a mom is holding her daughter**

Little One thinks it's all good!

I take the group out to find a Geocache that has stumped me.
I am thinking the more eyes the better.
Well, it still stumped us.

We ended up going to Taco Mac for dinner. I had the tortilla soup and a soft taco. My wife had the Chicken finger sandwich. Little One had the chicken finger basket. My mother had the Nachos and dad had a burrito. We all enjoyed it except for my wife. She said the Chicken was dry and over cooked.

We soon bid my parents well as they headed back to Dalton. I sacked out on the couch. I was totalled drained. I slept a couple of hours. I awoke to Little One in bed and mom in her room reading a book. I climbed into bed and watched National Treasure. I love that movie. I have seen it several times.

Here is the wife looking all beautiful and stuff like she always does.

Everyone have a great week. I am playing a home game this week.
I hope it's not busted. I don't want to have to make that post.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walking Small captures limelight

Embattled Clayton county sheriff is walking tall today as his department is in the limelight of a poker bust. This is the second bust for the Atlanta area in 2 days. Walking Small has had his public battles in the past. This time in the limelight – He says “his department isn’t for sale”. I lived in Clayton county when he was elected. I elected to move soon after that.

If you play poker in Atlanta at an “Illegal” establishment, you better pack your chips and move elsewhere. Study up on the laws to determine what makes it illegal. First and foremost – the house must not take a rake. Bring your own drink and snacks.

There’s my two chips worth.

Second Gambling Bust Made

Reported By: Elaine Reyes
Web Editor: Josh Roseman
Last Modified: 4/11/2007 8:22:57 AM

For the second time in 48 hours, an illegal gambling outfit has been busted in the Metro Atlanta area, this time in Clayton County.

Among those arrested: a Clayton County magistrate judge.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Department broke up the illegal game. Representatives with the department said there was an attempt made to bribe Sheriff Victor Hill to provide protection for the gambling operation.

Investigators arrested several people at the Poker Palace on Tara Boulevard. Sheriff's deputies and Morrow Police, as part of a joint vice squad, conducted undercover surveillance for a month before making the bust. Members of the squad called the Poker Palace an illegal gambling outfit.

Sheriff Hill planned to release more information about the arrests later Wednesday morning, and also said that more charges were pending. Regarding the bribery attempt, Hill said his office is not for sale.

On Tuesday, Roswell Police arrested nearly 30 people involved in an illegal gambling operation. The two men accused of running it, Dan Tyre and Glen Gilbertti, were to be in court Wednesday. Investigators said they were running a high-stakes poker game out of a home on Nesbit Ridge Drive, with a $10,000 buy-in. Officers seized $45,000 in cash and cocaine from the home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Atlanta Home Poker Game

Sounds like someone in atlanta was running a smooth operation of a cool $10,000 buy-in game. However, sounds like police put the ultimate smack down on the group.

27 Suspects Busted in Gambling Raid -ATLANTA, GA

Reported by: Paul Crawley
Web Editor: Tracey Christensen
Last Modified: 4/10/2007 8:47:09 AM

Police in Roswell, Ga., raided a high-stakes gambling game in a quiet neighborhood, pulling 27 suspects out of a home where two children were living.

Police said it is the biggest gambling operation they have ever broken up in which participants in the invite-only game had to pony up $10,000 just to play. The game was held once a week in the basement of the home in the Nesbitt Ridge subdivision near Centennial High School.

Police said they believe the operation had been going on for months. The investigation started when police got complaints from neighbors about a large number of cars parked on the street in front of the home in question. Police obtained a search warrant, which SWAT teams executed there late Monday night.

"We found evidence that commercial gaming was going on at this location," said Sgt. B.C. Brackett of the Roswell Police Department.

The losses and winnings were tallied only on paper in what is called a safe game because the operators were fearful that, if they played with cash, they could be the target of thieves.

"Because they have had incidences of home invasions and people ripping off the game, that's why it was known as a safe game," said Sgt. Brackett.

After taking the 27 suspects to jail using three police vans, police started towing away the vehicles that lines the streets. Some had license plates from as far away as North Carolina and Mississippi.

Police also took gambling tables, chips, and poker cards out of the home where they reported finding $45,000 in cash. They also seized 200 ecstasy tablets and a couple of pistols from one of the automobiles.

The homeowner and an accomplice both will be charged with a felony of running a gambling operation. The other 25 will be charged with misdemeanor of gambling. Two women hired to serve drinks were among those arrested.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Over Post

Okay - I haven't been the best blogger lately.

I haven't posted much. I haven't been a positive poster.

Heck - I have been down right ugly.

No, I am not sorry - just admitting what I have been.

It's a new dawn.
I have a bunch to post and will probably do it mostly in a photographic way.

Late last week I brightly got the idea to get out of dodge.
Even if getting "out" wasn't really more like getting "away".
I bounced around the Internet looking for a hotel in Atlanta with an indoor pool.
I booked our family for a mini-retreat.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites Atlanta-Galleria
I have to say it was a nice get-a-way weekend.
A cooked to order breakfast included.
We stayed 2 nights (Thursday and Friday).
Little One and I went swimming 3 times. Mom read as we swam.
Looking down to the common area from out Lofty top floor suite.
My wife and Little one as we head out for dinner.

Thursday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory.
An interesting place to drop a few dollars for grub.
It's all about the desserts.

Friday was Little One's special Day.
She was treated to a day at Club Libby Lu's. She had a blast.
They had a special going on with Hannah Montana theme.
Little One got a wig and all the "fix'in's". It was a very nice time.
I think was all enjoyed our time there. Look for the video soon.
Little One getting her hair ready
Little One mixing lip gloss
Little One being Hannah Montana

Friday afternoon we took "take out" to a park.
I think it was Nickajack Park- but I am not sure.
The Trusted Garmin GPS - found the closest park to us and we went. We ate, Little One played on the playground. We left. It was a very nice time outside - a little cool - but good.

That evening we retired to the Embassy Suites restaurant for a nightcap. We had the Chicken Quasidias, Fried Cheese Sticks and Triple
Chocolate Cake. MMMMM good. Excellent.

Saturday we had to get back for last minute Choir practice. No - I don't sing. Wife Sings - I run the soundboard. That afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt at our pastor’s house.

The wife keeping vigil over the children during the egg hunt.

After filling up on hot-dogs and chips at the egg hunt.
We returned home with Little One's cousin in tow.
Little One and him played with the pigs as I cleaned out their cage and my wife ran to the grocery store.
Little One with Jack
Cousin with Jack

We ended up going to the in-laws for dinner and to visit my wife's brother’s family that was in town.

Today the Easter Cantata went off without a hitch.
They did a really good job. I snapped this photo of
"Jesus and a Roman soldier" before they went in.

Today for lunch we went back to the in-laws. After gorging myself on lots of food. I talked a few into going Geocaching. I thought the kids would enjoy it. They did and so did I. It gave me a reason to walk off some of those many calories I had just eaten.

Tomorrow is back to work. Maybe I can carry this positive energy through the workweek.
Hm - whom am I kidding!!.
A soccer game picture thrown in for good measure.
Too bad Little One's hair is in her face.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am alive

Is it vacation time yet?

I haven’t been in any mood to write lately.

I sleep – eat – work – and do it all over again.

The weekend is Soccer on Saturday and Church on Sunday.

Routine – welcome to adulthood children.

A few interesting points:
Poker: I attended a home game last Saturday night.
I didn’t win. I didn’t win because I played lousy.
It was a Texas Hold’em Tournament.
I knew I was beat and I still called off most of my chips.
I am glad I left early. I heard things got a little wild after I left.
Seems a guy got a little aggressive and wanted to fight.
Such drama I don’t need.

Poker: I am attending a different home game tonight.
I played in this game a couple of weeks ago.
This game is dealer’s choice.
I walked away from it last time ahead.
Hopefully, I can do it again this week.

Lawn: I worked my lawn last Saturday. It looks nice.
The rain this weekend has made it looking much greener.

Geocaching: I haven’t turned my GPS on in over a week.

Seat is empty.