Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Atlanta Home Poker Game

Sounds like someone in atlanta was running a smooth operation of a cool $10,000 buy-in game. However, sounds like police put the ultimate smack down on the group.

27 Suspects Busted in Gambling Raid -ATLANTA, GA

Reported by: Paul Crawley
Web Editor: Tracey Christensen
Last Modified: 4/10/2007 8:47:09 AM

Police in Roswell, Ga., raided a high-stakes gambling game in a quiet neighborhood, pulling 27 suspects out of a home where two children were living.

Police said it is the biggest gambling operation they have ever broken up in which participants in the invite-only game had to pony up $10,000 just to play. The game was held once a week in the basement of the home in the Nesbitt Ridge subdivision near Centennial High School.

Police said they believe the operation had been going on for months. The investigation started when police got complaints from neighbors about a large number of cars parked on the street in front of the home in question. Police obtained a search warrant, which SWAT teams executed there late Monday night.

"We found evidence that commercial gaming was going on at this location," said Sgt. B.C. Brackett of the Roswell Police Department.

The losses and winnings were tallied only on paper in what is called a safe game because the operators were fearful that, if they played with cash, they could be the target of thieves.

"Because they have had incidences of home invasions and people ripping off the game, that's why it was known as a safe game," said Sgt. Brackett.

After taking the 27 suspects to jail using three police vans, police started towing away the vehicles that lines the streets. Some had license plates from as far away as North Carolina and Mississippi.

Police also took gambling tables, chips, and poker cards out of the home where they reported finding $45,000 in cash. They also seized 200 ecstasy tablets and a couple of pistols from one of the automobiles.

The homeowner and an accomplice both will be charged with a felony of running a gambling operation. The other 25 will be charged with misdemeanor of gambling. Two women hired to serve drinks were among those arrested.


Aaron said...

Holy crap. I had better keep my parties this summer on the down-low. I don't need the local po-po showing up with the SWAT team just because I got a dozen cars out front.

Angela said...

Ha ha! That's not too far from my boss' house. And I heard that ex-fake wrestler dude was one of the ring leaders (and oddly enough, the exboyfriend of one of my high school best friends - or so she clams).