Monday, April 30, 2007

Funkiness and the Breakthrough

Aaron over at outdoorliving365 has blogged about being in a funk. Others have commented about one as well. I haven’t been in a full swing funk. However, I have felt my mind and body trying to head into one. I haven’t been sick. I feel like I have been on the way to being sick. I really haven’t had a whole lot of energy lately.

I was hoping that spring time would awaken my body and spirit. I am still waiting. This week should be a warm and sunny one. Maybe I will perk up soon. Our neighborhood pool should open in a couple of weeks and that should do wonders for my spirit. It will probably dampen a lot of others though. My white skin should be a real good reflective surface for the first couple of weeks up there.

On the Geocaching front. As you heard above, I haven’t had the energy lately. I haven’t even had the will to look up any new ones nearby. I need to get back out to Cochran Mill and walk the trails. That place always seems to lift my spirit.

An old Friend. I was called this weekend by a man who has work for me to do. I blogged about this last year. I sit at the computer and watch video of sewer pipe and get paid. Before you think it’s all gross and stuff – it usually isn’t. It’s cleaned before filming. I watch the video and code the defects (Cracks, holes, junctions & stuff) for data entry. Very easy money. So, as I took the family out to eat Saturday night, we dropped by his place and picked up my first packet in about a year. If he keeps me supplied with work for the remaining year, I can supplement my income by $10,000 ~ $15,000 this year. That will go a long way for vacation. Just in case you were wondering - we ate at Texas Roadhouse. Awesome.

On the Vacation topic. I did book our trip to Disney World. I booked a week long stay at the Wilderness Lodge. Everyone I have spoken with says that it is a great place. Along with the stay I also booked the meal plan. We get breakfast and dinner and a mid day snack for each day we are there for $39/adult and $11 per child. Dinner comes with appetizer, main course and a dessert. The dinner alone covers that cost of the meal plan. We also have 4 day pass hoppers each. I have called ahead and made dinner reservations for each night. We have one character breakfast reserved with the cast of JO-JO’s Circus and Little Einstein’s. Now, I have to find a way to pay for it all. (The extra work should do the job).

On the poker front. I didn’t play a single hand all weekend. I was that lazy. I took naps and went to bed early. That’s the reason I think my body was really wanting to get sick. The poker thing will probably be pushed to the side in favor of using computer time to make guaranteed money. I would love to jump into some of these blogger tournaments. However, the times just don’t jive with my schedule. Maybe someday soon. I hear the poker bloggers are heading to Las Vegas in June. If I can make tons of money with the extra job (pay for the real vacation and Vegas), I would love to make it out there and see them all. Who knows? If you are proficient in finding cheap airfare – hook me up.

Soccer. Little One didn’t have a soccer game this week. She visited an old neighbor of ours. When we lived in Clayton County a neighbor lady with no grandchildren adopted Little One as one of hers. We stay in touch and give them visitation rights. They are really a great couple. Through our contact they now go to church with the in-laws.

Currently, I have plans to pay homage to Carmen over at Poker Girl In Vegas. Carmen does a real “GIRLY” thing and gives her weekly run-down of Dancing with the stars. She does others but that is the one of juice lately. While Carmen is an excitement to read no matter what the content is, I think we men should have something more geared towards our mindsets. I have conceived a notion that I would give an update to some show that I have viewed. While I don’t watch any show religiously week in and week out. I do turn the tube on while heading to bed and usually watch some show on Discovery, TLC or A&E. I am sure my first show run down will be survivolman. Everyone needs to know how to live 7 days with no food, water or shelter when they all of a sudden find themselves alone in the artic circle. Don’t they?

Breaking free from the funk.


CarmenSinCity said...

Awwwwww - that's so sweet! Thanks for paying homage to me.

I think you should review TLC's What Not To Wear. heheh Just kidding. I watch that a lot - but it's even girlier than DWTS.

Duck Hunter said...

Glad you went with Disney. I was going to comment on your previous blog about it, then scrolled up and read this.

I haven't seen Survivolman, but heard it's pretty good. How about Dirty Jobs? That's one of my favorites to watch with the kids.

Anonymous said...

wow you sure do have lots going on.

i love soccer and i think kids, especially little girls that get involved in sports is great. it really does benefit in the long run.