Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gilad Shalit

Some days I am reminded by a strong smack in the face that I am an unappreciative snobby American. I hear the news and wonder what makes people around the globe hate each other at the intensity that is currently present. My world is shaped by the news that I choose or choose not to consume. I have expanded cable and could easily soak up a lot more than I do.

My daily routine continues in the face of all the chaos that happens in this sin filled world. I make decisions that hopefully guide my life and my family’s life away from stressful ways. Can I exist in a world where I travel the path of least resistance? Should I?

The man behind the name that titles this blog is being held captive somewhere in or around Gaze. Gilad is an Israeli soldier. He was captured in a raid on an Israeli Army outpost by Palestinian militants on June 25th, 2006. A young man doing his job and along comes someone with hatred in their heart and takes him away. You may remember the American news about the Israeli crossing over into Khan Yunis in a search/rescue attempt. However, that news story has subsided. Gilad; however, is still held captive. He has already spent his 20th birthday no doubt in some awful place. In about 4 months he will celebrate his 21st birthday. Where will it be?

I spent my 21st birthday taking college finals during the day and moving between nightclubs in Roswell and Marietta that evening. As that still learning unappreciative snobby American, I don’t want to think of where Gilad will be spending his. Hopefully, he will be at home with his mom and dad.

As I told you a couple of days ago, we are planning summer vacation. A week hopefully filled with smiles, laughs and good eats. Then SMACK! I am brought back down to earth with a story like this. I was going to write a happy blog today about how we are going to blissfully splurge in the Orlando sun. However, please forgive me if I devote more space to some scared kid who is growing in manhood more than I will ever know as a man. I will keep Gilad in my mind. I will say many prayers for him and others like him.

Gilad – when you get home and settle things out, look me up. I want to see you emerge from this with good health and high spirits. Your ordeal has helped me look inside me for something more.

Gilad Shalit - God bless you.


Aaron said...

Ah, a similar topic thats been on my mind for some time now. So many to pray for, so little time. :(

In other news, I purchased a Garmin 60CSx. I expect my portion of your dividend returned to me next month! :P

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post. we often go about our lives oblivious to what is going on in the world. i know i concentrate way too much on my own petty dramas than things of significance. i hope gilad and others like him find their way home soon.

ken said...

Thanks for the comment and read. Stud can be frustrating at times. I hit a bad streak where rolled up hands never got better while the opponents did. But, that has changed of late.

As your post points out, in the overall scheme of things are poker enjoyment has to be kept in perspective.

GL at the tables!

Ken Prevo at PokerWorks