Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am alive

Is it vacation time yet?

I haven’t been in any mood to write lately.

I sleep – eat – work – and do it all over again.

The weekend is Soccer on Saturday and Church on Sunday.

Routine – welcome to adulthood children.

A few interesting points:
Poker: I attended a home game last Saturday night.
I didn’t win. I didn’t win because I played lousy.
It was a Texas Hold’em Tournament.
I knew I was beat and I still called off most of my chips.
I am glad I left early. I heard things got a little wild after I left.
Seems a guy got a little aggressive and wanted to fight.
Such drama I don’t need.

Poker: I am attending a different home game tonight.
I played in this game a couple of weeks ago.
This game is dealer’s choice.
I walked away from it last time ahead.
Hopefully, I can do it again this week.

Lawn: I worked my lawn last Saturday. It looks nice.
The rain this weekend has made it looking much greener.

Geocaching: I haven’t turned my GPS on in over a week.

Seat is empty.


Aaron said...

Poker: I've gotten hooked on Texas Hold'Em King 2 (Blackberry)... but I keep getting spanked. :( I play at the table until I work up about $5k, take it to tournament mode and barely survive to the third table. :(

Lawn: I spent a lot of time on it Saturday but it needs so much work yet. Need to purchase a new lawn mower. I guess I'll do that with this year's bonus (paid this Friday). Not looking forward to it, but the yard looks like crap.

Geocaching: ha! You're kidding, right? Just haven't made the time for it... been doing other, more entertaining things. ;)

Vacation: Got a few planned this year. Perhaps one this April. One week with the Actress in June. My road trip in September. Can't wait!

Angela said...

Bah! I can't stand it when I end up in a rut like that. You must break free!!!