Sunday, April 08, 2007

Over Post

Okay - I haven't been the best blogger lately.

I haven't posted much. I haven't been a positive poster.

Heck - I have been down right ugly.

No, I am not sorry - just admitting what I have been.

It's a new dawn.
I have a bunch to post and will probably do it mostly in a photographic way.

Late last week I brightly got the idea to get out of dodge.
Even if getting "out" wasn't really more like getting "away".
I bounced around the Internet looking for a hotel in Atlanta with an indoor pool.
I booked our family for a mini-retreat.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites Atlanta-Galleria
I have to say it was a nice get-a-way weekend.
A cooked to order breakfast included.
We stayed 2 nights (Thursday and Friday).
Little One and I went swimming 3 times. Mom read as we swam.
Looking down to the common area from out Lofty top floor suite.
My wife and Little one as we head out for dinner.

Thursday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory.
An interesting place to drop a few dollars for grub.
It's all about the desserts.

Friday was Little One's special Day.
She was treated to a day at Club Libby Lu's. She had a blast.
They had a special going on with Hannah Montana theme.
Little One got a wig and all the "fix'in's". It was a very nice time.
I think was all enjoyed our time there. Look for the video soon.
Little One getting her hair ready
Little One mixing lip gloss
Little One being Hannah Montana

Friday afternoon we took "take out" to a park.
I think it was Nickajack Park- but I am not sure.
The Trusted Garmin GPS - found the closest park to us and we went. We ate, Little One played on the playground. We left. It was a very nice time outside - a little cool - but good.

That evening we retired to the Embassy Suites restaurant for a nightcap. We had the Chicken Quasidias, Fried Cheese Sticks and Triple
Chocolate Cake. MMMMM good. Excellent.

Saturday we had to get back for last minute Choir practice. No - I don't sing. Wife Sings - I run the soundboard. That afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt at our pastor’s house.

The wife keeping vigil over the children during the egg hunt.

After filling up on hot-dogs and chips at the egg hunt.
We returned home with Little One's cousin in tow.
Little One and him played with the pigs as I cleaned out their cage and my wife ran to the grocery store.
Little One with Jack
Cousin with Jack

We ended up going to the in-laws for dinner and to visit my wife's brother’s family that was in town.

Today the Easter Cantata went off without a hitch.
They did a really good job. I snapped this photo of
"Jesus and a Roman soldier" before they went in.

Today for lunch we went back to the in-laws. After gorging myself on lots of food. I talked a few into going Geocaching. I thought the kids would enjoy it. They did and so did I. It gave me a reason to walk off some of those many calories I had just eaten.

Tomorrow is back to work. Maybe I can carry this positive energy through the workweek.
Hm - whom am I kidding!!.
A soccer game picture thrown in for good measure.
Too bad Little One's hair is in her face.

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Aaron said...

That's one heck of a weekend recap! I was wondering if you could do it without mentioning Geocaching or poker. Better luck next time! ;^)

And I was wondering what made the Roman Empire so powerful. Clearly, it was outfitting all their soldiers with gold Nikes! :P