Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walking Small captures limelight

Embattled Clayton county sheriff is walking tall today as his department is in the limelight of a poker bust. This is the second bust for the Atlanta area in 2 days. Walking Small has had his public battles in the past. This time in the limelight – He says “his department isn’t for sale”. I lived in Clayton county when he was elected. I elected to move soon after that.

If you play poker in Atlanta at an “Illegal” establishment, you better pack your chips and move elsewhere. Study up on the laws to determine what makes it illegal. First and foremost – the house must not take a rake. Bring your own drink and snacks.

There’s my two chips worth.

Second Gambling Bust Made

Reported By: Elaine Reyes
Web Editor: Josh Roseman
Last Modified: 4/11/2007 8:22:57 AM

For the second time in 48 hours, an illegal gambling outfit has been busted in the Metro Atlanta area, this time in Clayton County.

Among those arrested: a Clayton County magistrate judge.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Department broke up the illegal game. Representatives with the department said there was an attempt made to bribe Sheriff Victor Hill to provide protection for the gambling operation.

Investigators arrested several people at the Poker Palace on Tara Boulevard. Sheriff's deputies and Morrow Police, as part of a joint vice squad, conducted undercover surveillance for a month before making the bust. Members of the squad called the Poker Palace an illegal gambling outfit.

Sheriff Hill planned to release more information about the arrests later Wednesday morning, and also said that more charges were pending. Regarding the bribery attempt, Hill said his office is not for sale.

On Tuesday, Roswell Police arrested nearly 30 people involved in an illegal gambling operation. The two men accused of running it, Dan Tyre and Glen Gilbertti, were to be in court Wednesday. Investigators said they were running a high-stakes poker game out of a home on Nesbit Ridge Drive, with a $10,000 buy-in. Officers seized $45,000 in cash and cocaine from the home.

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