Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekend Recap

Where to begin? In my last blog I noted I was headed out of town for some parental visitation and get some much needed outdoor time logged for Geocaching. Side Note: This past weekend was the Mega Event in North Carolina for Geocaching and I didn't go. However, our dear friend Embarrassing Boring Babble (Angela) did attend the event. I am anxiously awaiting her post(s) about her trip. I want to know what I missed. I am sure she will have plenty of good stories to bring back to the ATL.

Friday, both my wife and I took a vacation day. Little One had her last day of Kindergarten. We checked her out after her ceremony. Her class (all Kindergartener classes) presented a show of a few songs. We then went to her classroom where individual awards were given out. Little One was awarded the "Most Pleasant". I think that fits her personality fairly well. She is a very happy child (why wouldn't she be - we spoil her rotten!) The most interesting award went to a young boy in her class - "Best Engineering Mind". That caught my attention. Seems this 6 year old boy can create 3-D moving parts models of houses, Airplanes and other objects with construction paper with no guidance from his teachers. How cool is that?

We arrived home and I quickly took off to downtown Newnan for some governmental activities (big brother always gets his taxes). While I was gone, Little One and the wife were busy packing for our trip. I upset the wife slightly with a change of plans to leave earlier than I had originally told her. Since my parents were working, we didn't need to arrive before 5PM in Dalton. I had gotten the bright idea to stop, eat and play at Red Top Mountain State Park. I knew they had a beach there and thought Little One could get in some swimming.

So, we rushed things up a few hours and headed out the door. I should know by now that last minute change of plans do not settle well with my wife. I should also know that I am not all that bright in solving all issues in said quick plan changes. I thought we would grab a fast food drive thru and proceed to the state park. Well, something I didn't contemplate was that we needed to carry the Guinea pigs with us. They would need shelter & attention while we baked in the summer sun (the same for my wife - since she wouldn't be swimming). I remembered that there are no fast food places near Red Top Mountain State Park. I didn't think that Wade Greene road would be so packed on a Friday afternoon. We ended up getting lunch from Arby's. We ate our lunch at the park and Little One played on the playground. The wife read a book. Little One and I also took a stroll along the beach of the lake. I wasn't all that impressed with the beach. So, we didn't go swimming.

We arrived in Dalton without further lost of control. We took a quick visit up to my grandmothers Friday afternoon. My aunt was there until Saturday when she was flying back to Texas. (go longhorns!! lol). Friday night we ended up just chilling around the house.

Saturday morning, my dad and I took off on a Geocaching trip. We picked Aaron (or outdoorliving365) in Resaca at 8:00AM. With a quick find there at the flying J truck stop, we were on our way to the Chattahoochee National Forest for a day of fun. We trekked through Snake Creek Gap and up to John's Mountain overlook. We climbed to Keown Falls. We discovered "three car pile up" buried deep in the north Georgia woods but did not find the cache. All in all we had a great time. My legs were really starting to feel the burn as we climbed up to the falls. Aaron showed me the graph of our climb but failed to mention the amount. Several hundred feet up and still less that a mile from the vehicle. We got some amazing photos while we were up there.

Aaron - Climbing for the cache.

Dad - Found it!

Once we returned Aaron to his truck and made our way home, I crashed for a short nap. I was totally spent. I hadn't done that much hiking in a long time. I thought I had done a good job of keeping hydrated. I guess my body thought otherwise. I awoke just in time for mom to have made a wonderful birthday meal. My favorite: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls and of course Chocolate birthday cake. Thanks mom - it was GREAT!.

We settled into the movie "Facing the Giants". It was a typical tear jerker. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so darn sensitive!

Sunday morning we attended mom's church. A nice new building with fine folks welcoming us in. Little One went to help mom teach her Sunday School class. I heard she helped songs and the lesson. It must have made a good impression on a little boy in that class. He ended up sitting with us during the service. Little One was oblivious to his flirting. Since he was about 2 years younger, she dismissed it as just friendly. He really turned on the charm as we left after the service. Out in the parking lot he was cranking up the flirting meter. We all got a kick out of that. I couldn't blame him. Little One was decked out in a foral purple skirt and blouse with her hair pulled back in a head band. She is such a knock out if I can brag. Takes after her mom I guess.

Sunday afternoon found most folks back at the homestead wanting to take a nap. Little One was having none of that. I asked if she wanted to go to the mountains with me. She didn't but she didn't want to take a nap either. She ended up going with me and we found one more Geocache at the Pinhoti trailhead. It ended up being a major hike. However, Little One hung in there and was a real trooper. We then headed over to "The Pocket" where we paid a state park fee and Little One played a little in the cold mountain stream at the picnic area. She was worried before we left about "the ride" up the mountain. She didn't want to wreck. As we were leaving the picnic area, I ventured up to John's mountain overlook. She said it wasn't scary - "just bumpy".

Sunday night my nephew and his girlfriend came over and we all sat around and talked and played board games. Little One was the life of the party. She was hyper and bouncing off the walls. ( I think mom secretly gave her another piece of chocolate cake).

Monday, my parents hosted a family gathering. Both my Grandmothers were there. My sister and her husband were there. Both my nephews and their girlfriends were there and my Uncle. Dad cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. My mom prepared carrot salad, baked beans and watermelon. There was even cake left over. We had our fill of food - thanks mom and dad for it all.

It was soon time for our trip to close with the ride home back towards Atlanta. We got home, cleaned the pig cage, washed a few loads of cloths, ate some popcorn and watched a movie with Little One and called it a night. I was too tired to write a post and organize the photos. Hopefully, I will be able to get the pictures posted later.

This week: I should have a poker game to attend tonight. Friday is a date night with my wife for my birthday.

Get out and enjoy the world.


Double-A said...

Sorry dude. I didn't clear the altimeter log. But I showed it to you, wasn't it steep enough? :) I tell you what. You pick me up, we'll hike it again, and I'll give you the elevation change in distance. Deal? :P

And happy birthday, before I forget!

Duck Hunter said...

Looks like a great time. Some good photos there. I really am going to have to start geocaching again soon.
Glad you had a great weekend.