Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Memorial Day Crunch

Hello Friends.

I am sitting here tonight preparing for a long weekend.
As we move into the holiday to remember those that
have served to protect and provide freedom, I am truly
grateful for the life that I have because of them.

I am sitting here preparing for a trip to see the folks
up in Dalton, GA. I am hoping to get away for a morning
run of Geocaching in the north Georgia mountains.

I have a laptop computer hooked up to my Palm TX.
Those two are communicating and syncing information
about the details and hints of the local Geocaches.

I have the desktop computer running. I am using it
to download 200 Geocaches within a 20 mile radius of
"the pocket" as the area is called. I am running the
search on and moving that data over
to the Garmin Mapsource software. Once I feel I have a
good read on the 200 caches near the zero point,
I will download that data to my Garmin. Along with
all the geocaching information, Mapsource will also
give me the turn by turn directions of all the roads
in and around the area. Mapsource will give details
of places to eat, places to get gas, car services,
hospitals, shopping and a whole slew of stuff.

So, you wanna know what it takes to be a 21st century
hiker/geocacher? 2 Computers, a Palm TX, a Garmin GPS,
a digital camera and a bag of goodies to trade =
Priceless. (or about $1,700) - I am such a geek.
Since Aaron (Outdoorliving365) is more geeky than I,
I am sure he probably has a little more value in
his equipment. I am really just a geek wanna be.

If you haven't had a chance yet to visit the newest
blog link on my page (Ducknotes), do so now. Interesting
stuff over there at Ducknotes. Also, he is a great
photographer. One of the things I value while out
geocaching is a good photo opportunity. However,
as mentioned above, this hobby has it's cost and
a very good camera is just not on the list of things
to buy currently.

Friday morning we are attending Little One's Kindergarten
graduation. Yes, in a few days, she will be a 1st grader!

It's getting late and I am experiencing problems
syncing on the other computer. I will end this here
and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.


Double-A said...

Lets see here...

I use:
(1) Garmin 60CSx, $400
(1) GSAK, $20?
(1) Treo 600, FREE (discontinued model, ganked from work.
(1) Cachemate, $8

So, I guess you got more money in it than me. I can't rightly count my laptop since work gave it to me (and I certainly don't drag it with me when I cache). And I don't count MapSource, since I got it from a previous purchase of GPS. You ARE more of a geek than me.


"The Rake" said...

OK so you are using freebies and discounted items and I forgot to count Cachemate $8.

Anonymous said...

hope you and your family have a happy holiday also!

Duck Hunter said...

You forgot to add in the cost of the Georgia hat. Can't hike without your hat. I know I can't.

It's been a while since we have done some geocaching. I'll have to get back to it in the next month.

Thanks a ton for the kind comments and mention in your post. I really appreciate that.