Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vistors are great!

The weekend wrap should be short on words.

I am tired and want to go watch TV.


Friday night we go to Crackle Barrel to eat with the In-Laws.
Here is Little One with grumps.

After dinner, we headed over to the mall and walked some
of those calories off. Here is Little One getting luck
by donating to the fountain.

Okay - Saturday my mother and nephew came down with
my nephews girlfriend.

Little One had a Game Saturday morning everyone came down for.
Here is her team.

After the Soccer game, we came back to our house
to go swimming.

Here is a picture of Kat (nephew's girlfriend)and Little One
at the pool eating Hot Dogs and Chips.

A little later we all pile in the van and go eat.
I pick Texas Roadhouse - I love it.

Here is everyone but me waiting to go inside.

Our family crashed once our company left. Little One
feel asleep on my bed and I was kicked to the couch.
I didn't sleep all that well. Next time she goes to
her bed!!

Sunday after church, Little One, the wife and I headed back
to the pool. Little One made friends with some older girls
and the wife and I got a little sun.


Double-A said...

Camo'd swimsuit? Yeah, she's daddy's girl. :P

CarmenSinCity said...

You got tagged!

check out my blog

Anonymous said...

little one is so cute!