Friday, June 29, 2007

Room Upgrade 2.0

Things are about to get a little hectic. Things are about to get a little peaceful. I will be taking a few vacation days after the fourth of July. My plans are to give my little angel a room to be a little girl in. We have procrastinated about buying new bedroom furniture for her. Therefore, it will not all be complete when I wanted it complete. I will get the basics done this next week while I am “on vacation”.

I have been thinking of how to document the process. Is it enough to take a photo before and a photo after? Should there be one of me covered in paint? Should I get one of Little One coloring on the walls before I get started? If any of you have a creative Idea, I am open to your suggestions. I might as well involve you into the process. Why else would you come by here and read this stuff I lay out for you most days?

I also plan to work on my tan. I should be ashamed to be as white as I am. I have been lathering on the sunscreen this year. My plan is to paint in the mornings. Let it dry as I relax by the pool mid day and then continue the work in the afternoon. That is if the nap monster doesn’t ensnare me in his hold. I am sucker for a nap. The wife will be working and Little One at camp during the days. I may just run around the house naked. You never know. (Sorry for the gross mental image-not really)

So, if any of you want to donate your Lowe’s and Home Depot gift cards, I will be accepting them until Tuesday. Little One says she wants Pink and Purple. I am undecided if we should do a chair rail and do purple on bottom and pink on top. Or, as my wife suggested, no chair rail with each wall a full color alternating colors on each wall. Any suggestions?

We will be installing a ceiling fan in her room. That should electrifying.

This weekend – not much planned. We will be at the pool and shopping for those items for the room upgrade. We will probably swing by rooms-to-go kids for furniture or ideas.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stop It!

Someone had some serious bad mojo on yesterday. Or, you really didn’t mean the good luck wished upon me. I may have to change my last blog where I said I was improving. I didn’t win a single hand last night in the tourney. Well, I didn’t win any hands that called my preflop all in. I entered maybe 5 pots through the first 3 blind levels. I lost all 5 pots. I was missing every single flop. I was also at a super aggressive table. I never saw a flop for the big blind. The absolute worse run of cards/luck/skill every experienced by me at the poker tables. I did push all in twice and got the blinds to fold. Both times, I would have liked the action. Pocket Kings one time and Ace Jack Suited the other. I eventually had enough and was ready to go home. I pushed with 9 6 offsuit for twice the big blind and was called by 2 players. Actually, it was worse than that. I pushed, the guy to my left pushed to isolate and the guy across the table called us both. 1st guy had pocket 8’s and the caller had poker Queens. I came close with pairing my 9 and four flushing.

I must say I saw an incredible sight last night. This guy shows up and is wearing a Saprano’s Bowling polyester shirt (Red and Black), wrap around sun glasses. I peg him for a newbie real quick. I beg for a hand against him. Can you say “donkey”? I knew you could.

First off, the outfit was ridiculous. I can only imagine the things Carmen sees out in Vegas with all the tourist. That’s a photo write-up I would love to see. A sunburned tourist shipping his chips to some rock across the table. Anyway. This guy messes up the deal, he bets/folds out of turn. His first words, after the game got started, was some hand he watched on ESPN about a guy laying down trips. I never got my chance to bust him. Oh it would have felt good. But alas, someone’s bad mojo was all over me.

Stop it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Little One’s Big Steps

Okay – we are overly protected parents. Our daughter is 6 and half and never really stayed away from home other than my wife’s parent’s house just down the road. For 1 night at a time mind you. We don’t let her out of our sight. It tore us from head to toe to leave her at cheer camp for a couple of hours in the hands of strangers.

Last Sunday, my wife and I drove up to Dalton to drop Little One off to stay there for a week. That’s an hour and half away (3 hours if you are grandma stuck on traffic going home – sorry mom). We were pretty cool about it. We are learning to let go. Little One is learning to be without us more and more.

Sunday night, my sister came and whisked Little One away from grandma and took her to spend the night at her house. Little One loves her cousins – they are older boys and she is just in love with them and their girlfriends. Little One was excited. Monday, them and a couple of others went swimming and shopping. I think Little One enjoyed that. Grandma had to work Monday and Tuesday and was sharing Little One around the family.

Little One spends the night back at grandma’s house. Tuesday morning she is shipped to Great Grandma’s house. Great Grandma has her Grand daughter over that is about the same age as Little One. My Uncle is younger than my mother and waiting a long time before having children. They played and played and played. I spoke to Little One on Tuesday night and she sounded really tired. I am sure those two girls had a blast and probably wore my Grandmother out. Tuesday night she again sleeps over at my parent’s house. The earthquake hit then – The next three days are vacation days for my mom to spend with Little One. However, Little One is tired and announces she wants to go home. Being late and all – she tells her they will discuss it the next day.

Wednesday morning is finally my mom’s turn to spend the day with her grand daughter. She takes her shopping and does a few girlie things. Mid day Little One again says she is ready to head home. My mother calls me and we discuss it and decided she can continue her visit with her granddaughter at our house. So, Little One and grandma pack up and head to Atlanta.

Thursday and Friday they spend time splashing around the neighborhood pool and at night we all play board games. Friday afternoon has grandma heading back home trying to beat the Atlanta traffic. She doesn’t beat it but she does have a very interesting story about her trip.

We Georgians were honored or dishonored (your choice) enough to have the Vice President of the United States visit our city. With the Presidential treatment of traffic control on Friday afternoon, the protection giving to him had a mess made of traffic. However, this is where grandma has an interesting story. Seems she was riding along on the interstate and noticed no one was behind her. She thought that very strange. Even more strange, she noticed many police vehicles stretching across the highway behind her with their lights flashing. They were taking up all lanes of traffic and not really catching up to her. She flipped the radio on and caught the news where the V.P. was leaving Atlanta and then things weren’t so strange as they were a little un-nerving for a grandma. She was just outside the rolling road block of security.

Little One has been itching for a Nintendo DS Lite for a while. A couple of girls at church have them. Her cousin has a GameBoy. I told her, if she could raise the money by selling old toys, she could get it. Last weekend we sold her electric Barbie VW bug. Friday night we sold her Little Tykes Kitchen. This raised enough money for her to buy her a DS Lite and 1 game.

So, Friday night we headed towards Douglasville to meet up with the Kitchen buyers and swing by Circuit City to pick up her Prize. I don’t think my wife understands what I was trying to do in teaching her the “economics” of her choices. If she grows up and can wheel and deal to garner things she wants, then good for her. I know we already spoil her. This is just my way of trying to get her to understand that she must sometimes give up something to get something else. I couldn’t help but to spoil her more by buying her a hard carrying case and a 2nd game for her DS Lite. (I am wrapped around her little bitty finger).

Saturday, we headed towards Anniston Alabama. Little One’s youngest first cousin was having his 2nd birthday party. It was a fun time. They had a slip-n-slide and a water slide along with a mini pool. We ate hot dogs and cake. Soon it was over and we stopped by the rest home to visit my wife’s grandfather.

Sunday activities were church and a nap and evening services then lying in bed watching TV until the nap wore off and I was able to fall asleep again. I played one sit-n-go while lying in bed Sunday night. I came in second after getting crippled on maybe the 4th hand. I didn’t feel the winner was a better player. They just caught cards while heads up. I had paint only a couple of times and when I did he had the same paint with a better kicker.

I am happy. Are you?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's summer - not you - I promise

The Summer has me.
I am a slave to its' power.
Its' power to send me outside to enjoy the weather.
I am a slave to the calls it makes to me.
I am here and there and back over there.
The summer is a great companion.
When it's not beside me, I feel lonely.

The blog is my home but the summer
beckons me out into the world.

So, until next time I sit to relax -
I will see you outside in the big world.

Good night.

An old picture to keep you company.
Pie anyone?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Short Fathers Day recap

This weekend passed by fairly quickly.

Saturday we had a cook out at the wife's
uncles house. Many cousins of Little One
was there. It was a fun time and good food.
Thanks Uncle Charlie!

Sunday, the wife took me to Hardee's on the
way to church. (My request)
Bacon Egg cheese biscuit. It was good.
Here is Little One enjoying her food.

Sunday a quick trip to Dalton and back and
our weekend was over. Captain D's on Sunday
afternoon. It was good also.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

D-ville almost conquered

With Little One and the wife away at the in-laws.
I have taking time in the evenings for live poker.
No, I don't live in Vegas. But, it's the best
I can do here in Atlanta, GA.

Tonight I called upon buddy Justin. I coaxed him
to ride with me to Douglasville for a game. This
tournament was slightly smaller than the ones
that we have been playing here in Newnan. Only 50
players showed up tonight.

I was crippled mid way through but played my way
back to normal stack. When we were down to two
tables I was crippled again by the same guy. As
he was raking MY chips he leans over to me and
says "I guess I am your anti". What the heck?
I guess he had to twist the blade as it was plunged
deep into my back. Yeah, I guess you are (tonight).

I folded around until I was all in in the big blind
of T1,000 for only T100. I won that pot for T300
with two pair. Aces and fours. But I was again
all in for T300 in the small blind of T500. I lost
that one and checked out in 12th place. Just missing
the final table by 10 minutes or so.

However! Justin, my man, put up one heck of a fight.
He started on a tear around the time I got busted
and went to the final table with a chip stack. About
the third hand in he doubled up through the chip leader.
He was rocking. He was poised to take Douglasville by
storm and kick'em all out.

The chips got passed around the table for a while.

UNTIL. He is heads up withsome local.

He doubles the guys big blind and induces
him to push all in. The guy thought Justin was making a
play and pushed. Justin inta-calls and
turns over Ace(Updated)Ten.
the other guy turns over 10 7. The turn is a 7 and Justin
is rewarded for 2nd place.

Congrats Justin - job well done.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Last night our family went to Taco Mac for dinner.

Mom and Little one looked so pretty so I took their Picture.

I enjoyed myself also.

Today, I broke down and played golf.
You gotta understand. I don't play golf.
I don't like it. I am not good at it.
I just don't play it.

But I did and here is the proof.

BT played - a longtime resident of Newnan.
His friend hop.

Roy was on my team - we lost. We fell apart near the end.
Hop never lost his swing.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Who do you love?

Realized I hadn't downloaded the camera in a while.

The first set of photos are Little One with my 2 nephews
and their girlfriends - I think my sister is in one.

The later is her at the pool today.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Checked Out

I will be slow to update for a while.

I will be mostly reading over at:

and at:
Life as a Vegas poker dealer

and at:
Murph's Musings

and at:
Poker Girl In Vegas

and at:
CarmenSinCity Behind The Ropes!!

The 2007 World Series of Poker is in Vegas baby!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Look outside.

Another great day for Geocaching

This time it will be an urban hunt.

Those are less fun than the woodsie ones.

However, I will take an afternoon Geocaching any day.

Have fun this weekend and get out and enjoy the world.