Thursday, June 14, 2007

D-ville almost conquered

With Little One and the wife away at the in-laws.
I have taking time in the evenings for live poker.
No, I don't live in Vegas. But, it's the best
I can do here in Atlanta, GA.

Tonight I called upon buddy Justin. I coaxed him
to ride with me to Douglasville for a game. This
tournament was slightly smaller than the ones
that we have been playing here in Newnan. Only 50
players showed up tonight.

I was crippled mid way through but played my way
back to normal stack. When we were down to two
tables I was crippled again by the same guy. As
he was raking MY chips he leans over to me and
says "I guess I am your anti". What the heck?
I guess he had to twist the blade as it was plunged
deep into my back. Yeah, I guess you are (tonight).

I folded around until I was all in in the big blind
of T1,000 for only T100. I won that pot for T300
with two pair. Aces and fours. But I was again
all in for T300 in the small blind of T500. I lost
that one and checked out in 12th place. Just missing
the final table by 10 minutes or so.

However! Justin, my man, put up one heck of a fight.
He started on a tear around the time I got busted
and went to the final table with a chip stack. About
the third hand in he doubled up through the chip leader.
He was rocking. He was poised to take Douglasville by
storm and kick'em all out.

The chips got passed around the table for a while.

UNTIL. He is heads up withsome local.

He doubles the guys big blind and induces
him to push all in. The guy thought Justin was making a
play and pushed. Justin inta-calls and
turns over Ace(Updated)Ten.
the other guy turns over 10 7. The turn is a 7 and Justin
is rewarded for 2nd place.

Congrats Justin - job well done.


Off Paper Words said...

Now I hope for Justin that this isn't a story! ;)
I'm SO glad to hear everything else was! Have a good "bachelor" week!

Anonymous said...

It was actually Ace King that I lost to his 10 4. It was a fun time either way.

CarmenSinCity said...

Hey!!! Thanks for the link. You were right, I liked that blog, I added him/her to my links.

B said...


thanks for recommending my blog to carmen

Have a great weeke end:)

B said...

week end!

I am having problems with my spelling - I am on night shifts this week forgive me!