Saturday, June 02, 2007


Look outside.

Another great day for Geocaching

This time it will be an urban hunt.

Those are less fun than the woodsie ones.

However, I will take an afternoon Geocaching any day.

Have fun this weekend and get out and enjoy the world.


Anonymous said...

ok i've been meaning to ask this but didn't want to look stupid. what the heck is geocaching? lol. you talk about it all the time and i have no clue. lol.

Off Paper Words said...

I didn't really think that many people went geocaching. I was wrong. In the last few months I've met a lot of people who geocach (or whatever). What's the coolest "treasure" you've found?

Double-A said...

Hey dude, you really should change your blog layout so that it posts the date (along with the time) of your posts!

Anyway, haven't really done much Geocaching since you and I went out last. I'll be making Sarah stop every other county or so on the way to Tampa next week. :D