Saturday, June 09, 2007


Last night our family went to Taco Mac for dinner.

Mom and Little one looked so pretty so I took their Picture.

I enjoyed myself also.

Today, I broke down and played golf.
You gotta understand. I don't play golf.
I don't like it. I am not good at it.
I just don't play it.

But I did and here is the proof.

BT played - a longtime resident of Newnan.
His friend hop.

Roy was on my team - we lost. We fell apart near the end.
Hop never lost his swing.


Anonymous said...

you're such a beautiul family! great pics.

Off Paper Words said...

First off, your wife and daughter and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Secondly, do you and your wife match on purpose very often?
Heh Heh! Just kidding!

Yep. We DO take the cake on weird here! I won't lie. Funny about the golf.... Mark HATES the thought of playing golf! I mean REALLY hates golf! This week, someone asked him to play. He's dreading it.

Duck Hunter said...

I don't think I would have caught the matching orange without the previous comment. LOL. Cari hates it when I wait for her to get dressed and then I match her on purpose.

Looks like awesome weather for golfing.

Off Paper Words said...

Hey. I just added you to my blog link list. I didn't even ask first. Sorry. Is that ok? I can always take you off if its a problem.

Duck Hunter said...

I finaly took the time to add you to my blog as well.

Off Paper Words said...

WOW! Score! You get two new blogger friends in ONE day! Whoo Hoo!

CarmenSinCity said...

You did call that herpes thing with Paris!!!!!!!

I wonder if that really is herpes. The thing is that I thought for sure that her and her lawyer had this whole thing planned about her getting out of jail because of "psychological" problems. I really think they paid off the sheriff to let her out and that's why she wasn't worried about going into jail in the first place. I think they had the whole thing set up.

BUT - how do you plan to have herpes show up? hehe I think herpes sores have a mind of their own right????

Luckily I don't have any experience in the herpes area. haha