Friday, June 29, 2007

Room Upgrade 2.0

Things are about to get a little hectic. Things are about to get a little peaceful. I will be taking a few vacation days after the fourth of July. My plans are to give my little angel a room to be a little girl in. We have procrastinated about buying new bedroom furniture for her. Therefore, it will not all be complete when I wanted it complete. I will get the basics done this next week while I am “on vacation”.

I have been thinking of how to document the process. Is it enough to take a photo before and a photo after? Should there be one of me covered in paint? Should I get one of Little One coloring on the walls before I get started? If any of you have a creative Idea, I am open to your suggestions. I might as well involve you into the process. Why else would you come by here and read this stuff I lay out for you most days?

I also plan to work on my tan. I should be ashamed to be as white as I am. I have been lathering on the sunscreen this year. My plan is to paint in the mornings. Let it dry as I relax by the pool mid day and then continue the work in the afternoon. That is if the nap monster doesn’t ensnare me in his hold. I am sucker for a nap. The wife will be working and Little One at camp during the days. I may just run around the house naked. You never know. (Sorry for the gross mental image-not really)

So, if any of you want to donate your Lowe’s and Home Depot gift cards, I will be accepting them until Tuesday. Little One says she wants Pink and Purple. I am undecided if we should do a chair rail and do purple on bottom and pink on top. Or, as my wife suggested, no chair rail with each wall a full color alternating colors on each wall. Any suggestions?

We will be installing a ceiling fan in her room. That should electrifying.

This weekend – not much planned. We will be at the pool and shopping for those items for the room upgrade. We will probably swing by rooms-to-go kids for furniture or ideas.

Everyone have a great weekend.


2xA+r0n said...

Sure, let her write on the walls before you paint them. It'll be the only time she's ever gotten away with it in her lifetime. :D

And more power to ya. I mill around the house naked all the time, too.

Duck Hunter said...

Have you hung ceiling fans previously? It's not bad. Enjoy your vacation. As for the photos. Maybe get some of her painting. I'm sure she likes to help.

Sam Brady said...

Speaking of ceiling fans, come put one in for us once you get the hang of it. Get it? Hang? HA!

Anonymous said...

i need a ceiling fan bad. can you put one in my room too, pretty please with sugar on top?

Off Paper Words said...

Duck Hunter did a good job of "documenting" the building of his office. Maybe you can get some ideas from him.
I think you should paint each wall a solid color. That way you won't have to buy chair rail. You'll save more money (But I'm ultra thrifty, so close your ears if you aren't). I can't wait to see how it turns out.
And hey... I walk around the house naked all the time. What's wrong with that? So long as no one else is there! Who ya gunna bother?