Monday, June 18, 2007

Short Fathers Day recap

This weekend passed by fairly quickly.

Saturday we had a cook out at the wife's
uncles house. Many cousins of Little One
was there. It was a fun time and good food.
Thanks Uncle Charlie!

Sunday, the wife took me to Hardee's on the
way to church. (My request)
Bacon Egg cheese biscuit. It was good.
Here is Little One enjoying her food.

Sunday a quick trip to Dalton and back and
our weekend was over. Captain D's on Sunday
afternoon. It was good also.


Anonymous said...

i love seeing your pics. thanks for sharing.

Off Paper Words said...

The pictures are great.

Quick question because you're from the South, right?

What would your reaction be if a neighbor mowed their lawn on a Sunday morning?
(Yep... you know who else this question is directed to don't you?)

Off Paper Words said...

Despite what I think you're thinking, I AM a believer. I actually spend most of my life in church because I work at the chruch's school and I'm there Sunday, Sunday night, and Wed. I was only wondering about the dynamics of North vs. South. It seems like it's sort of assumed that people would go. Up here in the North, I usually don't expect to see anyone go. Maybe I'm just jaded..... or something. I was also just being a stinker. ;)