Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stop It!

Someone had some serious bad mojo on yesterday. Or, you really didn’t mean the good luck wished upon me. I may have to change my last blog where I said I was improving. I didn’t win a single hand last night in the tourney. Well, I didn’t win any hands that called my preflop all in. I entered maybe 5 pots through the first 3 blind levels. I lost all 5 pots. I was missing every single flop. I was also at a super aggressive table. I never saw a flop for the big blind. The absolute worse run of cards/luck/skill every experienced by me at the poker tables. I did push all in twice and got the blinds to fold. Both times, I would have liked the action. Pocket Kings one time and Ace Jack Suited the other. I eventually had enough and was ready to go home. I pushed with 9 6 offsuit for twice the big blind and was called by 2 players. Actually, it was worse than that. I pushed, the guy to my left pushed to isolate and the guy across the table called us both. 1st guy had pocket 8’s and the caller had poker Queens. I came close with pairing my 9 and four flushing.

I must say I saw an incredible sight last night. This guy shows up and is wearing a Saprano’s Bowling polyester shirt (Red and Black), wrap around sun glasses. I peg him for a newbie real quick. I beg for a hand against him. Can you say “donkey”? I knew you could.

First off, the outfit was ridiculous. I can only imagine the things Carmen sees out in Vegas with all the tourist. That’s a photo write-up I would love to see. A sunburned tourist shipping his chips to some rock across the table. Anyway. This guy messes up the deal, he bets/folds out of turn. His first words, after the game got started, was some hand he watched on ESPN about a guy laying down trips. I never got my chance to bust him. Oh it would have felt good. But alas, someone’s bad mojo was all over me.

Stop it.


Anonymous said...

Your "Sopranos guy" was still in when I left. So he ended up in the top eight.

"The Rake" said...

I can believe it - he was getting in way behind and hitting.

2xA+r0n said...

Sounds like you need to go Geocaching to restore your chi. Oh, wait, you stink at that too. :P