Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July – America

I trust each of you got to spend time with your family. My family and I spent the whole day together. It was a long day to say the least – yet – a very good day.

I had told my daughter to wake me and not her mother this morning. Mom wanted to sleep in and Little One is notorious for getting up early. She surprised me and woke me up around 8:00AM. That’s an hour – maybe an hour and a half later than normal. We didn’t wake mom.

My daughter and I got up and sat on the floor of our bedroom sitting room and played board games. My wife had slept upstairs with Little One since she wasn’t feeling good when she went to bed. (Also to let the tooth fairy “in” since she had lost another tooth on Tuesday).

We played: Clue Jr., Connect Four, Hi-Ho Cherrio before mom got up and came downstairs. That spelled the end of daughter dad time. She stays under moms’ feet. I headed upstairs to work her bedroom. (More detailed post on that later)

I was called downstairs a little later to eat breakfast. My wife and daughter had made blueberry muffins. They were delicious. I ate 2 and the wife ate 3.

We showered and got ready to go to the pool. Little One stated she wanted to stay there 4 hours. Whew. I would be toast! We gathered a small cooler and packed it with water and snacks. We arrived at the pool around 11:00AM. We were the 2nd family there. I was surprised. I figured the pool would be packed. It wasn’t the whole time we were there. Never more than 4 families there. We ended up staying only 3 hours. I slept in the shade of the pool house for the last 30 minutes or so. Best I can tell - I didn’t get totally toasted.

We had told Little One if she wanted to see the fireworks that she would have to take a nap. She doesn’t do naps too often. However, I guess she wanted to go and she was probably drained from swimming. She didn’t give us any trouble. She took a long 3-hour nap.

Little One’s nap gave me just enough time to enlist the help of my wife to move the remaining furniture out of Little Ones’ room. We got that accomplished and I finished up the taping. We called around to see what the plan was about the fireworks and found that some were already headed that way and others were gathering at the pastor’s house. We got our things ready and went to the pastor’s house. (They promised to feed us – we jumped on the offer).

Here is a picture of some women there at the cook-out.
My wife in the center.

We arrived helped ourselves to hot dogs, hamburgers and the fixing’s. Soon a large group of us was headed to Newnan high school football field – Drake Stadium. The first picture is the best I could do to get most of them in the picture. They were well over 40 people there from our church. The second picture is one I snapped of the wife and Little One people watching. It was a great time.

Day over and 3 whipped puppies head home and crash. Well 2 of them – daddy puppy fires up the computer and post this blog. Good night all – Happy Birthday America.

The Video is of the fireworks finale. 2007 - Newnan High School - Drake Field.

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