Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Home Project - Chapter 1

Preparation: All good projects start with preparation. You acknowledge an area to improve and then go about thinking out the process in which will help you succeed. As you may know by now, I have chosen to upgrade my daughter’s bedroom. We have been in our current house a little over 2 years. We plan to stay here until she graduates high school. In the past, we have moved about every 2 and half years. This time we are settling in.

Here is where the project starts: Her room.

Once we committed to upgrading her room to a “girlie” room, we chose the color(s) to use. With Little One’s help, we/she picked Pink and Purple. With the colors picked out, we moved to furniture. We would replace her hand me downs with something of her very own. She wanted a bunk bed. However, her mom ruled that out quickly. She picked a very nice white day bed on our first shopping trip. We all liked it. The price we can beat.

Our baseline is http://www.roomstogo.com. I have always been pleased with their furniture. I am not a high-end furniture shopper. I don’t see the value in it. That’s just me. Our last purchase was with Ashley furniture and we will never make that mistake again – ever! So, a good white wood day bed w/out trundle at roomstogo is $599. Unfortunately, our buyers group (Team National) didn’t have daybeds. 1St option out. 2nd option – craigslist. We are negotiating currently for a very similar bed as roomstogo for about $300.

To paint - you have to have supplies. That means a trip to your local Home Depot. In my case: Paint, Chair Rail, Ceiling fan, Tape, Bucket with Roller and extra rollers all for the cash disbursement of a little over $200 US American dollars - ouch. (Good thing I may save $200 on the bed)

Back to preparation. We needed to start moving things out of the current room. I was the only one here so I moved what I could without sending my back into spasms. Too late – I feel the nerve already. Anyway, I got lots of stuffed animals and small things moved to the playroom. However, that room is starting to get messy.

Behind the mattress are a whole slew of stuff animals and dolls.

Once I moved most of the things out of the room, I got started prepping the accent pieces. I am a true amateur home improver. I am way too lazy to do this stuff for any reason other than making my beautiful daughter smile. This amateur swears by the tape. The masking tape that is. I find taking the extra hour taping up the boarders and door frames will save me much cussing later.

Some would say to just remove the light and outlet covers. I have a 6 year old running around and just don’t need or want the possibility of her getting a finger in one of those things. But, if it fits you, remove them.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. I may work on it some tomorrow or I may just wait until Thursday. I will need help to move the rest of the furniture. So, have a wonderful holiday. Celebrate the independence we all cherish so much. I think we will either go to Newnan’s firework show or we may head over to Atlanta Motor Speedway for a legends race and fireworks afterwards. AMS is a $5 adult and $1 child entry – Newnan is free and will probably be the choice by most our our church. Last year we had about 20~25 people from church sitting together on the Newnan high school football field. It was a really good time. The adults chatted while the younger ones tossed the pigskin.

God Bless.

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Off Paper Words said...

Her room looks like my hallway! I've managed to paint on one coat but it will probably take three coats to do a decent job. Let's wish eachother luck! Have an excellent 4th!