Thursday, July 05, 2007

Home Project – Chapter 2 - Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation.

Since it is the fourth of July, I wanted to spend the day with my family. However, I thought during down times of family activities I could get the ceiling fan installed. I was correct. I installed the ceiling fan in less than two hours working over 3 different time segments.

I started by opening the box and laying out all the parts. I pulled the instruction out and actually followed them through this process. This is my first time for a ceiling fan installation. I really don’t want this to fall on my little angel. No problems getting setup.

I removed the old light fixture. I took advise from my boss and recorded the wiring once I had it removed.


The wiring is the most worrisome part of the project. It’s not that difficult if you take it slow and following the directions. However, I worry that something will be crossed and I will leave the house when the project is complete and a fire will start. It’s just my way of life. We are going on 12 hours from completion and no smoke yet!

I had my self-made wiring diagram to help. I have a dual switch on the wall that only turned on the single light source before today. When disconnecting the original housing, I was happy to see a black wire not connected. I was hoping that this was the second control on the switch that would control the fan.

Mounting Bracket:

The first frustration didn’t take long to develop. When attaching the mounting bracket. It was clear that the builder didn’t take his time to level the mounting base. Thanks Martin Homes. With the base mounted and the cover on, a ½ inch gap is noticeable on one side. The other side is fairly flush with the ceiling. I continue on – what else am I suppose to do. The thing will balance itself out. It will just not look the best.

Main Assembly:

The main assembly was a fairly smooth installation. I was able to sit it up in the mounting bracket and connect the wires fairly quickly. If you are not comfortable with wiring, take this segment slow. You will be connecting bare wires and using a bell housing to secure them. Just make sure they are well connected and well secured. I then used the cotter pin to secure the main assembly in place and tightened the setscrews. I quickly affixed the cover and was done with the main assembly.

Fan Blades:

Simple. The blades and the mounting brackets were easy to attach together with three screws. Then it was two screws to attach that assembly to the main assembly.


Plug and Play. Since this assembly was attaching to the main assembly, the manufacture made it simple to plug wires and mount. A quick placing of the light fixtures and bulb installation and we were done.

I cleaned up the loose bags and packing material from the fan and got ready for the moment of truth. I check the whole assembly – nothing loose – no rattles. I headed downstairs and out to the garage. I flipped the breaker on and headed back upstairs in a hurry – just in case a fire had already erupted in the room. To my delight – everything was still peaceful.


I reached for the light switch. Let there be lights! – There were lights.
I reached for the fan switch. Let there be wind! – There was wind.

I called downstairs for my wife and daughter to hurry upstairs – they hurried.
(They had puzzled looks as why I was yelling to get up stairs quickly).

We all gazed in amazement at the accomplishment.
(sometimes eeerrr always – my wife takes my laziness as inability).

No more – Today I am King.

Painting starts tomorrow.


Darlene Brady said...

Way to go King! I have 3 ceiling fans sitting on my dinning room floor waiting to be installed. Hurry up and finish the room then head to Sandy Springs!

Patny said...

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Staci said...

Diagramming – that’s how I do it too when I find the manual instructions too complicated to understand. Like you, it’s the wiring I’m worried about. Thankfully, I haven’t had any disasters with my past attempts in installing ceiling fans. Staci @