Thursday, July 05, 2007

Home Project – Chapter 3 – Painting

Painting went very smoothly. I have a few areas to touch up. The tape performed a good job in most areas. It or me had some issues with the outlets on the purple walls. I guess the darker color shows the previous off white wall a little better than the pink.

I guess you can tell by now I didn’t go with the chair rail I purchased. My wife talked me into solid walls. I chickened out of all that work.

I started around 8:30AM and took about an hours break at 10:00Am. I finished up a few minutes after noon. I took pictures and came down stairs to email them to my wife and have lunch. Chef Boyardee – Beef Ravioli. It has been a favorite of mine since childhood. A Gatorade and chips to go with it.

I probably need to get to JC Penny’s to pick up some curtains we saw there last week. They would match great. They are sheer with alternating pink and purple. They also had some purple beads to go along with it. Who knows – I may just jet and go get that stuff.

Have a great day!

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2xA+r0n said...

Holy crap! Now that color is making a statement! (Of course, that's up to YOU to decide what the statement is.) :D