Saturday, July 07, 2007

Home Project - Paused

I started this home project knowing I was behind the 8-ball on the furniture side. Well, as the weekend comes nearer to an end, I have no new furniture to fill the room. I am still clinging to a white wood daybed hope on craigslist. It looks promising and the lady says she has it. However, my window of opportunity squeaked by yesterday. My contact did not get back with my until late in the day and by then it was too late to get a trailer for transporting the bed.

That's the bed. The dresser we are still looking for. I have a few on the hot list. However, I am holding back until I get the day bed to ensure closeness to the bed style. So, we are looking at next weekend maybe getting something rolling.

Artwork and decor. Now that the colors are up, we can go shopping for the wall decorations. That should be fun. We shall see how that turns out.

Curtains. My wife informs me that 1 sheer per window is not enough. They can't be stretched that far - doen't look right. So, we will be heading back to JC Penny's for 2 more.

TV Stand. I kinda stuck out there. Maybe a looping hit. The jury is still out. Several places I went to on Friday did not carry white furniture. It's like it is out of style. (What would I know about style?) I did buy a silver TV Stand. I used the paint I purchased for the chair rail (that I did not use) and painted it white. We will see how that works out.

For now I am placing this home project on the blog pause while we try and pull the last few detail together. I call it an 80% success. I was able to complete the painting and put up the ceiling fan during my days off.

Here is a freshly painted room with little furniture and no decorations.
I kinda feel I did my manly part by putting up the ceiling fan and painting. Now it's the wife's turn to go shopping for decorations.

P.S. $1,000 freeroll poker tournament
I did fairly well. About 130 people showed up to play. I lasted for 3 and half hours until the blinds were to high to overcomer. I busted by pushing Queen Jack. I was called by Ace eight and lost to a pair of eights. That's the way it goes.

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Off Paper Words said...

Hey, good job painting! It's hard to cut ceilings, especially when you're using dark colored paint! You did an awesome job! Now I REALLY have to finish my hallway! Tomorrow is my day. I can feel it! Heh Heh!
I'm going to have to see the "Bourne" movies because of you! Can you believe that I've only seen PART on one? I love action movies so I'm not really sure why I haven't see them yet. We went to see Transformers yesterday. We took the kids. BAD idea. There are a LOT of foul words and sexual content. I don't know what I was thinking bringing them to it. Well, I didn't know so I wasn't thinking. But don't go see it with any children.
Thanks for the comments. I'll keep checkin' in. Have a super week!