Sunday, July 01, 2007

Starting Balance

Okay. Here goes: We start with Little One's Current Room.

and here

This is what I have to work with. The bed is coming out. She inherited that one from my wife and me me when we moved to our previous house. A 700 square foot master suite needed a king size bed and Little One got the queen size.

We went shopping Saturday and Little One picked out a day bed. It's nice. We were at Roomstogokids. I will look on the Team National website. We can get a discount there. I will go and buy the paint early this week. I really want to do the chair rail. I really do. The laziness in me says to take words on paper's advise and just do solid walls. However. 2 opposite walls are dominated by either windows or doors. We will see. I will make the decision later.

I didn't post any pictures from our trip to Anniston Alabama last week. So, here goes. Little One attended one of her cousins birthday party. It was a blast. They had a great time and we all ate like pigs.

Little One - Head first slide

Little One - Normal slide

Birthday Boy

Rakethetable with Birthday boy's big brother - Playing video games

Little One - Slip and slide - whheeee!!!


2xA+r0n said...

That poor, poor child.

A queen-sized bed.

A TV in her room.

All those little cuddly stuffed animals.

You've got:
a.) too much time
b.) too much money
c.) to have another child and stop this nonsense! :P
d.) a & b

Off Paper Words said...

Oh I can't stop laughing! I hope that 2xa+r0n knows you really well. Ha Ha.....
Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes. If you've got it in you, do the chair rail. I always looks nice. I'm just a thrifty fool. I'm glad you had so much fun at the party! I'd even try that cool slide!

"The Rake" said...

The bad part about aaron's comments are that I was thinking of replacing her TV with a flat panel that mounts on the wall for space saving. In light of his commments I may just get a tv stand for the tv and games.

Anonymous said...

can i have that bed? it's gorgeous.

and can you people adopt me? lol.

Duck Hunter said...

Wow! Look what you can buy when you rock at poker!